Home Care Marketing

In the last episode of “A Drink with the Hurricane,” we talked about the importance of your business cards and how to make them look sharp.  Now we’re taking that one step further.

It may seem obvious, but I have to reiterate — you’ve got to carry your business cards with you when attending any type of networking event.  You never know who you’ll be running in to (i.e. – a hospital administrator, a social worker, etc.).  If you don’t have a business card to present, there’s a 100% chance that these professionals will not reach out to you.  By giving them a business card, you’ll at least have a chance of being contacted.  Additionally and more importantly, you have to maintain a professional presence at all times; and not having a business card just exudes unprofessionalism.  That’s not you!

When exchanging cards, lead by example and repeat the information on the card you’ve received back to the person giving it to you.  This shows you’re engaged, that you care and are actively looking to do business with this person.  It also helps you make a mental note and remember the person down the road.

I want to share a technique I learned from a friend of mine, Dr. Karen Perkins.  She conducts a lot of business in Southeast Asia where our counterparts take a business card and hold it with two thumbs.  Then, they hand the card to their recipient face up so that the information is clearly readable at first glance.  The recipient accepts the card and comments on either its appearance or its content.  Recipients then hold the card to their hearts, which symbolizes an affectionate, emotional attachment with the promise that they’ll definitely be in touch.

This simple technique will speak volumes of your professionalism; and since it’s so rarely seen, it can potentially spark a great conversation as well.  Believe me, that type of professionalism will sink into the minds of those you’re trying to do business with, and leave a positive impression.

That’s our tip of the week, folks!  So get out there and network.  Have fun and keeping working to blow away the competition!