Hi folks, thanks for tuning in on this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane.” Day after day, we have Home Care business owners from all over the country turn to Hurricane Marketing Enterprises to get advice on their Marketing Reps.

A Marketing Representatives main responsibility is to plan and execute marketing campaigns and activities, to generate new prospects and improve client retention. When hiring a new Marketing Rep, it is important to allow this individual to have time to settle into his or her new role. A Marketing Rep’s sole responsibility is to establishes positive relationships within the community to ultimately gain referrals.

On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane,” I tackle the question, how much time you should give a new marketing rep to get established.

When it comes marketing Home Care, it is important to understand that developing relationships with an account takes time. Remember, it takes an average of 8-12 visits for a Marketing Rep to start to gain referrals. “Why?” you may ask. This allows the people at the account time to get to know, like, and trust the Marketing Rep.

So now you may be asking, “Steve, how much time do I give my Marketing Rep then?”

Six months! This is the perfect time frame to conduct a trial period when hiring a new Marketing Rep. This will enable you, as a business owner to measure your new employee’s progress.

In the first 30 days you should:
• Have a good understanding of your new employee’s attitude
o Are they highly motivated and friendly?
o Or have you noticed that they have a bad attitude? (complains, is rude, or negative)
• Recognize any red flags within the individual
o Have you noticed something strange with your new employee?
o Are they doing suspicious activities? Or are they non responsive to you and difficult to track their activities?
 If this is the case, it is in your company’s best interest to let this person go. Your Marketing Rep represents your organization, and if they are showing signs of a bad attitude this early on, this is not the correct person for the job.

By the 90 day mark you should know:
• How to manage your expectations of the marketer as the boss
o Remember, it takes a Marketing Rep 3-6 month to develop referral sources. By managing your expectations, the Marketing Rep will understand what is expected out of them
• Know your marketing rep’s day to day and week to week activities
o Your marketing rep should be scheduling:
 One networking event a week
 One community event a week
 One lunch n learn/ in-service a week
 Meetings with potential Power Partners at least once per week

When it hits the 6-month mark:
• They should be able to market your business in an efficient and productive way
• You should start noticing referrals trickling in. (They may come in sooner, but it is best no to expect them until now)

If you notice that your Marketing Rep is not completing the following, then it may be time to let that person go. Chances are the employee is not happy with his or her’s current situation and are struggling with the job responsibilities as well.

As a business owner it is essential to make hard decisions like this to further grow and protect your business. Finding a good Marketing Representative is crucial for your business to grow. You must find the right person for the job. More importantly, find someone who you can trust. Your Marketing Rep reflects you and your business. Make sure you hire the right candidate to go out and market your company.

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