Steve “The Hurricane” will discuss what needs to be done at networking events to better your outcomes. On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane” Steve will discuss part 3 of how to develop a referral source.


Hi folks, Steve the Hurricane, and for today’s episode of Drink with the Hurricane, we are going to talk about how to develop a referral source.

So, how do develop a referral source. This is the third time I’m talking about it in this series of Drink with the Hurricanes, because this is one of the featured presentations of the referral masters boot camp that we have coming up in February of 2018. It’s going to be amazing, I cannot stress enough the urgency and the importance of signing up today, so you can reserve your spot for this event that will sell out.

Now, it’s a five step process. I’ve been talking about step one for the last couple of weeks, and so the last thing I want to talk about is seeking out the marketing rep, which I mentioned last week, but specifically one of the three ways to find this individual is by attending a networking event. Now, why do I say attend networking events?

I get so many people over the years that say, “I don’t like going to networking events Steve,”” I don’t get any business from it.” Well the reason why is because you’re not sure how exactly to take a networking contact and turn it into business. This is why I have the boot camp! This is why you should be there!

The business does not come from attending the networking event, the business comes from the follow up. The reason you should attend networking events is because who goes to networking events? Marketing representatives, people who represent a company that we might be trying to get into. Now the easiest way to find somebody that you’re trying to find out at a referral source, when you’re at a networking event, is to simply wait for the elevator pitches where every single person who’s attending goes around the room and they stand up and they do their 15, 30 seconds of fame.

Hi, I’m Steve the Hurricane. “I’m from John Doe skilled nursing facility. We care for 120 patients in our building, half are rehab, half are long term, we’ve been in business since 1987, blah blah blah.”

When I do that elevator pitch, which I just gave you an example of how to do it, you might be sitting there thinking, Oh, John Doe skilled nursing facility, I’ve never been there before. I’d like to seek that person out, he’s the marketing person. And then, after that part is done, you come walking up to me, and you introduce yourself and you start a conversation. That’s how you find the marketing person out in the community.

Every week, all across the country and internationally, there are networking events, and specific healthcare ones. It’s one of the best things about healthcare because we all have to work together. It truly is an interdisciplinary team of professionals to take care of our seniors to help them age in place with dignity and grace.

In recap, step one to create a connection on the inside, we should be seeking out the marketing rep, one of the best ways to do that is by attending a networking event.

Now, at the boot camp, I’m going to go over the other two ways to find the marketing representative. I’m gonna go over steps two, three, four and five to take a relationship that does not exist today and turn it into a exclusive, referring relationship to help make 2018 your best year yet.

If you haven’t signed up for the boot camp, I strongly recommend you do so, because it’s going to be incredible. I’ve been doing this for six years folks, this event will sell out, don’t wait, sign up today.

I’ll see you in Irvine, California where I’m gonna give you everything you need to “BLOW AWAY THE COMPETITION!”


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