Today’s video is from the Tampa Boot Camp where we attendees asked our client panel their burning questions. Steve and the panel share some tips for drop by visits.


You guys, I know, you’re pretty much like I am, you’re not franchised, started mom and pop, and my question is, I heard you talking about like, hospital marketing and power partners. Well, I usually can get into an account quickly, that’s the easy part, I can get in, I can schedule a lunch and learn, but my question is, how do I continue with that account after the lunch and learn? What are some reasons that I can continue to go back? ‘Cause you do the gifts and you do the activities. And then it’s like, Steve set his goal every week, but am I just dropping in saying hi?



That’s a very good question. So go ahead, Rene, reasons for drop by visits. I’m gonna do a whole presentation on that at 3 o’clock, but hear it from Rene, ’cause she’s doing it.



Good question. Well, the first thing after the lunch and learn is you wanna write out hand written thank you notes to everybody that was in attendance. So I always have an attendance sheet, so they put their names down so they can address the cards by name. Go back in and try to personally hand it to them, some of them, of course, are not available, especially if they’re in the hospital, they may be out on the floor and you can’t get to them, but they have boxes, possibly, you can put it in.

But I always at least try to see the social worker and maybe the executive director or the marketer. And the marketer usually is a person that you know. So they can help you find, possibly, the other people. And then when I continue to go back, it’s like, how are you guys doing? Always have a reason. I have a lot of articles that are good for them. One page article they can read at lunch. So, you know, if you have a great big long article, they’re not probably gonna ever read it. But they’re written by my ghostwriter, so it says my name on there.

I wrote it, but I didn’t really write it. So you’re taking this article. Wow, do like a Steve impression. Wow, you know, I just read this article, you guys are gonna love this, it’s gonna help you as you’re working with your people. And something that’s to their benefit, you know. What can you do to make their job easier, to benefit them. Of course, there’s always every holiday you wanna take in, in your costume, you wanna go in.

Christmas, Peter and I were elves, wait til we show you the pictures, we’ll be glad to show you some. But, you know, a reason to visit. Taking an article, you’re taking in candy at Halloween. Sometimes you can’t take things, to the social workers, especially, but you can always give them an article. You can’t ell them what’s happening, you can tell them an event that you’re involved in that you’d like to see them come to that they might wanna tell their people about. Anything like that.



So that was an excellent answer. And so what I’m loving here, and a lot of people was like, what is that, what she’s saying here is a process. It’s a complete process. She’s talking about sponsoring an activity, that is a reason to show up and spend hours at an account because I’m sponsoring an activity. Promoting other people’s events, bringing chachkies. These are all reasons to show up to get those 8 to 12 visits that I talked about before.

So Rene explains the process that I’m gonna show you later on today. But when you do this consistently, you always have a fresh reason for being there and that’s gonna help you to get the results that you’re after.



My drop by visits typically include a reason to stop by. I always have to have a reason, whether that be an item like Rene was explaining, but I have a top 20 account that I visit weekly. And on Monday’s I am in the office, I make a calendar with every reason to stop by every single account that I’m going to go to that week. I take in client reports, I take in risk readmission reports, and then I just do drop in visits if I don’t have a client to update them about.

Like Rene said, then I bring in some kind of article, some kind of CEU event, CEU events are huge for our case managers and hospitals, where I can invite them to that because they get credit for those events that we also sponsor, so that’s what I look into doing as well, just sharing events, sharing something with them that is valuable. I know a lot of our case managers, and social workers at hospitals and rehabs, they don’t have time to speak with you, unless it’s regarding a client or someone that is at risk, so that’s what I look at doing, is just bringing them valuable information that’s going to benefit them so I don’t have to be another pest or another marketer that they’ve seen for the 100th time that day.



Something that she was talking about that I really wanna highlight here, you see on the screen, I pulled it up, is a top 20. She focuses her effort on 20 accounts. Now that’s something that’s very different. I wanna say one of the biggest difference between this program, and I’m almost gonna say the prime reason why so many people are successful with doing this versus other systems out there is other systems are, it’s a numbers game.

Just keep going, hit as many places as possible, and that’s fine, that’s a service. Imagine having a net that’s 10,000 feet this way and 10,000 feet this way, but it’s only an inch deep. We’re not developing any relationship, we’re not developing any connection, we go in and out and just ask for business, and that’s not productive. That doesn’t work. This is very strategic.

The net may be 10,000 feet this way, but only like two or three feet out, but it goes down 10,000 feet deep within the accounts. Fewer accounts, 20, to give 80% of our time to, developing a relationship with everybody within that account, and this is what they’re all saying, this is exactly what they’re doing.

Notice when they do an activity, that’s through the activities person, when they drop in and talk to a director of nursing, they talk about patients, giving updates on the patients that they’ve taken home. Same thing with the social worker. I heard Rene mention, make the social workers job easier.


Folks, I’ve been doing this for almost a decade now. I’ve trained thousands of people, and if you’ve never been to one, you’re missing out. Don’t think about it, don’t, well, maybe. Just do it, just do it. Just click below, sign up, do it, and I’ll see you in Houston 2020 and we’re gonna BLOW AWAY THE COMPETITION.