Hi everybody, I’m Jen Gasper, one of the coaches with Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, and today on Coaches Corner, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about ideas for overcoming objections when you’re on an inquiry call.

How many of you have gotten done doing an amazing inquiry call only to find out the response to what you have said is this? Well, we’re not ready to make a decision right now. We’re just calling around some other places, and in your head, you hear, wah wah wah.

Well, don’t fear. I’ve got a way that you can overcome that objection and hopefully book an assessment and if not, at least get them to call you back. Well fear not, I’m here to talk to you a little bit about a strategy you can use to help overcome that objection. First of all, I always like to acknowledge the fact that they were calling around. They were researching other agencies to find the best fit for them out there.

What I challenge you to do is give them a couple of examples to ask those places when they’re calling around. If you figure this may be their first experience with home care, so by you giving them some questions to ask, you are leading the conversation to be able to tell them how you can stand apart in what you do. It may sound something like this.

Thank you so much for letting me take the time to explain to you how our agency works. I’m really glad you are calling around so you can find the best fit for you. Since this may be your first experience with home care, let me give you a couple of questions that you can ask them so you have some things to compare to.

For example, one of the things that you might want to have them ask is a little bit about their caregiver trainer. That will allow you to share the type of training that your caregivers at your agency go through and how you can get an opportunity to go into the therapy appointments prior to discharge from a hospital or a rehab in order to really understand how you can help the client once they get back home in the discharge process. Maybe you talk to them and give them a question to ask about ask them if they have any specialty programs.

You know by going through Hurricane Marketing Enterprises’s coaching that you creating specialty programs like your fall prevention and your dementia program, that’s what sets you apart. That’s the differentiator for you. By them hearing it from you first, when they call another agency and they don’t have specialty programs, guess who they’re going to call back?

This type of response not only allows you to provide a high level of customer service, but it allows you to steer them in the direction of the things that you want them to know about you that truly, truly set you apart. Also, consider this, perhaps you make a comparison chart. You give them a sample of a couple of questions to ask and you say, you know what? I have a list of many other questions that you can use when comparing agencies. Why don’t you give me your email now? I can send it off to you and you can have that to be able to use when you’re making your calls around, and then you have a list of your answers to everything the way your agency would handle it so they can ask and write the comparisons in another column. It’s a very easy step and very effective for you to come across as the expert.

The next thing that I commonly heard when I was taking inquiry calls is this. Well, we’re not ready to make some decisions right now. Mom’s still in rehab. We don’t really know when the discharge is going to be. The client is thinking that’s a problem. I’m thinking, this is the best time to call. It’s the best time to call because it allows us to set up care and start those cases off right.

So how I would handle that is, first of all, praise them for calling early. They are the ones that are doing it right. If you think about it, most people are calling us in a crisis, and so that doesn’t allow us to start things off right. So I simply explain to them that if we are able to get in there and figure out what’s going on now, the needs that we discuss, if they change throughout the discharge process, we can easily fix those and change those as we know more.

Being able to get to know your mom or your dad a little bit better will allow us to identify the best caregivers that are gonna match personality-wise and also skill-wise, and the last thing about you calling in now is that we can get everything set up for the caregiver training where we can meet you while you’re still here. We can have a time to work with the therapy department so we understand exactly how your mom transfers, exactly the type of exercises they’re going to need to do when they’re back home, and that will allow us to support your mom or your dad in the best way once they are discharged, and that’s it. Two tips for handling objections when dealing with inquiries. If you stay tuned, you might be seeing a part two come up later. Happy handling inquiries