In today’s episode of Coaches Corner, Coach Nini discusses why and how you can use promotional items in your marketing effort.

Hi, welcome to Coaches Corner, I’m Nini, and we’ll be talking about promotional items.

Some people feel that it’s shallow to walk into referral stores with donuts. If you don’t, your competitor is. So, let’s talk about promotional items and what are some things you can bring. Of course, there are the promotional items like pens, pads and paper, clipboards, all the things that have your professional logo on there.


If you like to bring those with you, by all means, go for it. There’s only so many times you can bring brochures with you. What you need to do is bring in something unique, something different, something fun, and a great conversation piece. One of my favorite things to bring is celebrating national observance days.


You Google national observance day or what’s special about today, every day is something else. I have a few clients that do this all the time. One person wore all purple for Epilepsy Day. It’s a great conservation piece.


One of my clients wore two different shoes for Two Different Shoe Day. Bring in strawberries, everyone’s bringing coffee and donuts. I don’t drink coffee. I’m sure some people don’t drink coffee. If you bring something different, it sets you apart, it’s a great conversation piece, and no one else is doing it. So bring something different.


Bring a promotional item either from the office or some food, something that sets you apart, and make sure you put your sticker on there. You’re welcome to go on to, order yourself some stickers with your logo, so you always take credit for what you’re bringing.


Now often, we go through referral stores and we don’t bump into the people that we need to speak to. They’ll never know you’re there if you don’t bring something with you. You can leave it on their desk with a note. It’s not the same as having a meaningful conversation, but at least they know you were there. If you don’t bring anything with you and you choose to just have that professional outlook and talk about the success of your clients, that’s great.


But we are human beings. We don’t like to think of ourselves as shallow but if three home care companies come in today, one brings brochures, one brings a fruit platter, and one doesn’t bring anything, who do you think they’re going to remember for the next few days? It’s up to you, bring something with you, do what your mom always taught you to do, don’t come empty-handed. Good luck out there!