Even if you do not have a marketing representative, you should still listen to this lesson.

On today’s episode of A Drink With The Hurricane, Steve discusses Part 3 of How To Support Your Marketing Rep.


In the first two parts, I talked about mindset and having the right mindset of the owner, one being I am here to support my marketing representative so that they can be successful in driving referrals to my business.


Second week I talked about doing PDI calls every single day as a management tool to properly support your rep, find out what’s going on, and let them know what’s happening in the office so that everybody’s on the same page. Because marketing reps are on an island, right, they’re by themself, they have to work independently, keeping them close to what’s going on is vital to their success.


So now we’re gonna finally talk about the ongoing support. And I think it was in the very first series here where I talked about if you have a brand new marketing rep, you should go marketing with that person once a week for the first three to six months, and then afterwards and forever, go marketing with them twice a month. This gives them the proper support for all the things that only you can do with your marketing effort.


And for that ongoing support, you have your days planned in advance. Plan, you ever hear this saying, folks?


“Plan your work, then work your plan!”


Plan your work then work your plan. So you plan your work by letting your marketing rep know in advance what days you’re gonna be spending with them this month. This way, the marketing rep now can go out and plan those two days. They should be filled with things like networking events, sponsoring an activity, community events like going to a wine and cheese tasting, or better yet, you are facilitating a CEU event with a power partner, something like that, these are things that I teach my clients to do all the time.


You plan that out, going to a lunch and learn, have a meeting with an executive from a hospital or a meeting with the executive director of a skilled nursing facility you’re trying to get business from. Those are things that your marketing rep can schedule. And so if you’re marketing rep knows in advance, and I used to do this with my reps, I’m not just saying this to you for my own good here, or saying this just because I’ve trained thousands of businesses on this and we’ve helped people grow their businesses by a billion dollars doing things I’m saying.


But back in the day when I had my company Care Choice, after we sold Care Choice and SeniorBridge purchased us, I was a regional executive director, and I had several marketing reps that I used to go marketing with, and I would let them know at the beginning of the month or at least three or four weeks in advance what days I was gonna spend with them, and I said put these things on the calendars so that when I’m with you, it’s a worthwhile day.


And then when I go to a meeting and there is an executive director, and the executive director is grateful that Nick set this up because they like Nick and they wanna work with us and they understand that I’m the regional, they understand that I’m the business owner, my talk with them is high level, we get a handshake, and then I’m gonna pass it on to Nick to fulfill everything, week in and week out. I may not see that executive director again for three months, but it’s a starting point which properly supported Nick so that Nick can get the referrals going over the next two to three months. This is that ongoing support, it never ends, it never stops.


Now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself man, this is a lot of work. It is a lot of work. You want a home care business, right, so what does that mean? That means that you gotta deal with compliance, it means you gotta deal with care givers, it means you gotta deal with patients, and it means you gotta deal with your office staff. If you can’t handle that, then maybe you shouldn’t be in business. But if you can handle that and do all these things that I’m saying here, too, and again, in the beginning, a brand new marketing rep, it’s once a week, say four hours, six hours, you’re paying this person a lot of money, right, marketing reps are one of the higher paid positions in our office.


You figure six months, that’s half a year, that’s 20 to $30,000 salary, depending on where you are in the country, for six months. Yeah, if you’re gonna put that kind of financial investment, shouldn’t you support that person, right? And then you want this person to be with you forever. This is what it takes to run a multimillion dollar business.


Now, the good news about this is when you do this on top of all the other things, and I know you got a lot to do, this is why you hire a staff, right, so your roll comes support and manage your staff, four hours with this one, four hours with this one, four hours with this one, over the course of an entire week, that allows you to manage your staff, and then they spend 40 hours a week doing all the things that have to be done to run your business.


When you do this correctly, you’re gonna be able to take care of 50, 100, patients on your census like all of my clients. You’re gonna be able to have five to 10 referrals, and three to four new clients starting your services every single week like all of my clients are. You’re gonna be able to have caregivers coming in every week for interviews and orientation being done, and you’re gonna have work for them every single week. This is what it takes to run a multimillion dollar home care business.


Now I know most of us are not running multimillion dollar home care businesses. For most of us, this is a dream that you’re hearing me talk about like everybody’s doing it. Everybody’s not doing it. My clients are, though. And if you wanna have this, if you wanna be able to do all of these things, if you wanna have a three million dollar home care business, a five million dollar home care business, an eight figure a year home care business, like many of the people that we’re working with, if you wanna have that, invest in yourself, invest into training, invest in the support that we offer at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises because we’re truly gonna give you everything you need to blow away the competition.


Pick up the phone, call now, and let’s get started. 848-444-9865


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