Tip 4 out of 12: How to Work with Home Health and Hospice Companies


Home Health and Hospice Companies are hard to get referrals from because they are constantly out marketing. So now you may be asking “How do I get in front of the right people?”



1) The next time you are out marketing ask each account:

Who are their most desirable home health/ hospice companies?

Which Hospitals or SNFs do you call to gain a referral? The name of this marketing rep from these companies (Keep in mind of the names that are frequently said. These are the people you want to remember!)



2) Attend a Health Care Specific Networking Event

Find out who these people are working with.

Ask questions about what they do and determine if they are a right fit for you and your company



3) Book A Meeting From A Meeting (BMFM)

If this is an individual who you see yourself working with in the future, Book a Meeting From A Meeting.  This is the BEST way to insure that you will have a follow up with this person.



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