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Thank you for the feedback.  – Terisa Messmer  We had a sudden and drastic dip in revenue due to loss of large revenue clients in a very short period of time. Growth was happening just not at the rate we needed to recoup from those large losses. I found you on YouTube and went to the marketing site. I immediately started using the power partners and saw an upswing in some of my more difficult clients. We have a ways to go to replace the the loss and move into growth again but we are getting daily referrals with better than 70% conversion to care consults. Those are resulting in 90% signings. I give you credit but have to thank the Lord for helping me find your program! Time to get back to work and find more clients as well as caregivers!

  Phenomenal Service And Expertise. Steve The Hurricane Smashes Your Competition! – by Dan M. After attending the boot camp we had to engage in the coaching sessions with Steve! Our business was successful before, but after hiring a few more employees, we wanted the X factor. The Hurricane made that happen and gave us the formula to success. If you are a business owner looking for the road map to success, this is the only place to be. I believe talk is cheap and results pave the way to success so if you are looking for instant results to your bottom line, Steve and his family will guide you step by step. In our area, we were the best, now we are a powerhouse and we have other companies asking us for the Key to the City! Thank you team Hurricane!

Yes, Worth While – by Rick C.  4 from my office did training with Steve in September and then began the weekly coaching. It has helped us gain a stronger foothold in our market and we have seen a 25% increase in business. Steve is very personal and not intimidating, he has a strong personality and knows his stuff… that is what makes his training successful in both the boot camp and coaching.

Nothing Else Compares to Hurricane Marketing Enterprises – by Carrie B.  WOW! Steve and his coaching team are experts in the field. They are awesome and have a knowledge base of information that doesn’t end. I appreciate all the time they have spent with me and the emails they have returned. I would recommend them highly. I would also like to say thanks to Ana, who was my personal coach. She is fabulous! I appreciate all the doors she has allowed me to open with the teaching she has given me. If you are looking to expand your business Hurricane Marketing is who you need to partner with. Much Gratefulness, Ken & Carrie

Great Guy And Super Boot Camp – by Richard K.  What a wonderful Boot Camp! Steve The Hurricane knows his subject and does a tremendous job explaining it to the attendees. Not only that, but he gives great advice that can save home care executives or their marketing counterparts considerable time being successful. He takes the mystery and pain out of calling on prospects and getting referrals without driving the very people you need to call on away. And he does it in a fun-loving and yet very focused way. Nice going Steve!

AWESOME!!! – by Stacy S.  Steve is great! I left the boot camp overwhelmed with all the great information! Very unique, but doable and manageable marketing techniques to grow your senior care business effectively! Can’t wait to put what I’ve learned from boot camp to practice! Steve and his crew are amazing and I can’t wait to work with them!

“Landing Your Dream Job With Social Media” – by Kathleen S. Our thanks to Steve for joining us in the Job Club and presenting key information to individuals in transition. He demonstrated how individuals can market themselves and utilize social media in the process. His energy, enthusiasm and knowledge goes a long way in helping individuals accomplish their goals. He is an inspiration to all. We wish him continued success – personally and professionally and value the relationship.

Great Advice – by Gwenda F.  Thank you Steve. All the advice I have received from you had worked. Some immediately and some using more patience but really worth it for business in the long time.

Training Catering To Experienced Marketers And For Those New To The Business… Were Everyone Benefits – by Nini C.  The boot camp was INTENSE! It was inspiring, motivating and fun! I have already implemented many of your ‘secrets of the trade’ and seen results! Thank you!

I Would Definitely Recommend The Hurricane – by Stu W.  Very informative session that was full of energy and lots of great sales tips/ideas.

Absolutely Fantastic Service – by Silviya M. I’m just starting out my home care agency. I spent way too long planning how to do things because I’m terrified of the sales part- both asking for the referral and asking the family to sign the contract. Now I definitely feel a lot more confident after I saw your videos. Even though I’ve watched only few of them so far, I learned a lot. So thank you very, very much!

If You Didn’t Learn Something, You Must Have Stayed Home! – by Cheryl P.  I have been an owner of a homecare/hospice for 18 years. The ideas and techniques that Steve not only taught but fully demonstrated have made me become an in-service “Rock Star”. I purchased the video that teaches the in service presentation style and I am now producing a squad of “Rock Star’s”. Thanks for making me look so smart! Even weeks after the boot camp, Steve still answers questions that we come upon. He is an excellent coach! I highly recommend attending his boot camp, that is unless you’re one of my competitors. LOL.

Very Informative – by Fernando H.  Steve did a great job of walking us through his marketing techniques. His advice is real world advice. He was specific and understood the industry.

Outstanding Program – by Andrew B.  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rookie, there was something in his boot camp seminar for everyone. Not only did I pick up some fantastic new information, it also reinforced the positive things that I was already doing. I walked out of the boot camp feeling energized and ready to hit the pavement again. Steve’s presentation style is high energy, organized, and well thought out. I may attend on an annual basis just to keep sales compass pointed in the right direction.

Best Marketing Training Ever! – by Judy E. Preparation was great, everything was on time, great knowledge and passion for helping agencies achieve their goals and improve their marketing to referral sources. If he is in your neighborhood make every effort to attend it is worth every effort.

Steve Keeps You In The Eye Of The Storm As He Shows You How To Blow Away The Competition! – by Perry L.  I was thoroughly impressed by Steve’s depth of knowledge and passion. He brings a unique perspective and it is easy to understand why he enjoyed such marked success in his career. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious. You will leave his training with some true competitive advantages and will be ready to take on the competition. It was worth every cent. I highly recommend Steve’s training to anyone serious about setting their company apart from the crowd. Well done Steve!

FANTASTIC! I Called The Phone Number Listed And Within 5 Min Hurricane Steve Called Me Back! – by Alison F.  I took a chance, called the phone number, a very nice receptionist took my name & number (NO GATE KEEPER) and said that Steve would return my call. I wasnt even asked the famous screening question; ” What is this regarding”? I’m a nobody and HE called me back! My doctor doesnt even do that 🙂 I have “Swam with the Sharks”;Harvey McKay, listened to Tony Robins talk for several hours and all I really needed was a “Hurricane” and a glass of wine . . . . . . . I live in Florida; go figure. See you in Orlando, many thanks. Alison Fitzgerald-Conroy

Powerful Experience – by Kevin W. I have been BLOWN AWAY by our experience with Steve! He’s not only knowledgeable about the industry, but knows how to motivate a client and hold them accountable to real, quantifiable improvement. A five star experience!

Great Presentation At Regional Meeting – by Janet K.  Steve is full of energy and provided great insight regarding marketing to referral sources. We were given tools to use immediately upon return to our territories.

Steve’s Simple And Well Developed System To Build Relationships With Repeat Referral Generators – by Joe A.  I was impressed by Steve’s vision for incorporating – giving to others and meeting their needs – into selling. He definitely looks for ways to make it worth your referral-source’s time to refer business to you. I know his methods work, I use many of them myself very successfully. I also picked up new and creative approaches to WIN TRUST with Clients and Centers of Influence. Steve preached that Winning Trust is the best way to get referrals that matter. Thanks Steve! – Excellence is a work in process and I can see you take joy in introducing the rest of us to these winning strategies!

Annual Retreat With The Hurricane – by Lane K. We thoroughly enjoyed having Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss speak at our annual retreat. He has energy, passion, and experience…a great combination. Thank you for your contributions and we hope to have future success with Team Hurricane.

1. ABSOLUTELY Fantastic Service. 2. Definitely Recommend Hurricane Market Enterprises. 3. Call Him Today!! Don’t Wait Because If You Do Your Business Or Company Will Be Missing Out On A Growing Experience!!!! Steve Is Amazing!! – by Angelica J.  Steve has been my coach for about a month now and I have never done any kind of marketing before this and with his help, I have learn how to talk with people and power partners and developing relationship with the facility but I can’t give away all his secrets. Lol..I also want to say I got to meet Steve the other day and had a great Experience with him, he is a great speaker, outgoing personality and wants to see you succeed in business but also in life. I have seen myself grow and I look at myself and say wow never in a million years would I be the person going up to people and start talking, but take a look at me now talking, get referrals, booking in services and most of all landing clients. I am looking forward to working with Steve and can’t wait to see what he has in store for me and our company. YOU ROCK!

Great Content – by Kaleb V.  Steve knows his stuff. His campaigns are well thought out, and will help those just starting out in home care as well as present different approaches to some things that experienced professionals have been having difficulty with. Steve presented to a group of our Assisting Hands owners during our annual retreat and it really added value to the entire meeting. Thanks Steve!

Fantastic Service!! – by Sophia W.  Outstanding!

Incredible Boot Camp! 5 out of 5 – by Toni M. Hi Steve, You hosted an INCREDIBLE first boot camp!!! Congratulations on your own success and thanks so much for all the GREAT GUIDANCE you’ve shared with the group today. You should be very proud….you’ll go far. We’ll be in touch!

9 Years In Business, Blown Away By This! – by Joe B. Yesterday was my first full day marketing using the Hurricane system, I made 12 calls 8 of which were SNF’s and 1 Hospital. I haven’t had any real luck with any of them. I was nervous and apprehensive changing my normal pattern. It was like the first day I marketed our business 9 years ago. It was the first time in my life where I was no longer the expert and I was scared. FEAR False Expectations Appearing Real (Brian Tracy) Feel the fear and do it anyway! I said it probably 25 times that day. At the end of the day I had scheduled 6 lunch and learns to introduce our Fall prevention program it’s the furthest I’ve been with them in a year. I also discussed our readmissions performance to 2 directors and they were astonished that we even measured it. I asked them to participate in our lunch and learns so they could be part of the buy in. I was truly amazed at how engaging the other parties were when I took control and discussed the reasons why we are doing it. I also was amazed at how interested they were in the readmission discussions. Long story short I am hooked on the process and feel an energy I haven’t felt in a long time. Thanks, Hurricane Believer

Power Partner Presentation – by Amy L.  Just wanted to let you know that I paid close attention to the “Creation of Power Partners” tele-seminar. In fact, I’ve even used a few of your suggested strategies with success. Thanks so much!!

Very Much Worth It – by Ryan M.  I first met Steve Weiss through youtube, it was a one sided introduction, but a good one. His video on home care promotional items was very useful, we eventually connected through more social media with LinkedIn, where I started asking questions, which led to timely answers. We must have emailed back and forth 20 plus times and not once did he “sell” me on going to the boot camp. He was taking the time out of his day to help me, a givers gain mentality, if you are familiar with BNI. He was helping me because he wanted to help, but when I saw videos promoting his boot camp in Philly, I brought a friend who was in hospice and made the trip. The reason I brought a person with me was that she had years of experience working in a SNF as an OTC before entering as a hospice sales person. She was the “canary in the mine” to me. If she started giving me looks of ‘what the heck is this guy talking about?!?!” I was out of there. Throughout the boot camp she would either be shaking her head in agreement of what Steve was saying, or during breaks she would explain how the ideas and lesson Steve taught and explained could directly be related to my business model and how great his sales ideas were from the perspective of an OTC therapist. Needless to say the boot camp was worthwhile. It is a very reasonable price for a day’s worth of training, and Q&A. In my personal position, it was not enough. Not because Steve was not knowledgeable on the topic, but I needed more than just a boot camp to understand the ins and outs of how to sell in a SNF, ALF, and hospital. If you feel that you really need more than just a day’s training, talk with Steve, he is friendly and open to correspondence and can help with point you in the right direction of what is needed. I have continued with one-on-one training with Steve and I cannot give a detailed review experience, because we have just started working together for only two weeks, but Steve and I both have expectations of success and we both are seeing eye to eye on what is required to succeed and win. Steve is not an infomercial for a pill to lose weight with no work. There is tremendous work involved – there is no magic wand, but paying Steve for his time, though not cheap, is worth the money, because you have someone guiding you in the right direction, verses spend 10x the amount of money in lost sales, wasted marketing ideas, and overall lost time. Also, there are no contracts and there are no binding agreements, Steve needs to live up to his side of the agreement, but so do you. Work very hard, use Steve as a guiding light and reach your goals much faster than you could do it on your own.

Best Coaching And Marketing Ideas You Can Get…..anywhere!!!! – by Steve E.  After being in the sales world for many years I found myself in the medical world. I quickly found that there was a slightly different skill set needed for the medical marketing world. I discovered Steve “the hurricane” and we signed up for his weekly consulting sessions. I can say that he has given us ideas and direction that we may have never thought of without this program and its starting to turn into more referrals as a result of the direction we are receiving. I can say that if you are in medical marketing and you don’t sign up for this program you are probably not uncovering the full potential of what is possible. I would recommend this program for anyone regardless of how long you have been in medical marketing, it’s the best growth tool out there.

Fire Hose Of Valuable Information: How To Develop SNF/Hospital Referrals – by Devon & Dana A. If you’ve ever walked into a rehab and been ignored by a social worker – Steve let’s you know there’s another way to get these referrals. This was a great session that we’ve heard before because Steve coaches us. We found it invaluable to hear again. Steve has so much knowledge it’s difficult to internalize in one session.

I Have Recommended You To Several People Since Boot Camp. – by Nicole C. This boot camp trainee now has a Power Partner with a DME Representative. I have been invited to accompany my power partner on CEU presentations at three closed Hospital Systems. She has been distributing my marketing material wherever she goes and I will do the same. I am a firm believer that there is always room for improvement and growth, I always listen to knowledgeable people. As my first home care patient once told me, knowledge is power only when it is probably applied. 😀

Very Informative Session! – by Tony M. As a new marketer I gained a wealth of knowledge that I am putting into full use already. He provided useful common sense techniques that are proven to work. He is a great motivator and I am fired up to grow my business. I’m looking forward to starting my weekly coaching.

Entertaining Event And Great Content – by Frank E.  Steve delivers a highly entertaining and energetic seminar loaded with simple and easy to understand content that can be implemented very quickly or immediately. He shows great enthusiasm and passion in the subject matter. I was very impressed with his knowledge and presentation style and myself being in the business for 25 years still came away with some great tips. Steve is truly a natural at this. All the best for continued success.

Great Seminar! – by Mike M.  Great marketing Boot Camp that was perfect for the most experienced marketer and those just getting started. The tools shared are bound to grow my home care business and I can’t wait to get back to work and put them in action.

Amazing Event, Full Of Energy With The Best Expert Advice With Remarkable “passion”! – by Linds R. Steve “the Hurricane” Weiss, continues to amaze me with how much he cares for what he does and genuinely shows his ability to help others with his compassion and dedication! When Steve speaks, everyone “listens”, and when you speak “Steve listens”. If you are looking to gain some knowledge and grow your business, I would recommend you attend one of Steve’s events or for special attention his 1 on 1 sessions to get the most tips and information dedicated to “you”.

An Amazing Seminar!! – by Stephanie S.  I attended this event with every expectation of learning some new and great information….I was NOT prepared to be so utterly blown away! Steve is clearly an industry innovator who actually KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT, as evidenced by his own amazing successes. I am so excited to have been a part of this first boot camp and am looking forward to more as soon as possible. THANK YOU, STEVE, for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us!!

Bootcamp #1 – by Gary B. Great job Steve, You are a great presenter and speaker. All the points in and right on time. Kudos Thanks Again Gary

The Frosting On The Cake For Everything That You Desired To Know About Home Care Marketing And Did Not Know Who To Ask – by Mel D.  Steve is one of the best presenters that i have had the pleasure of knowing. His knowledge, pinpoint communication only tops his passion. Truly a great speaker and motivator. A life style coach that exceeds ” THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD” I now have the basis to become “MEL THE MAGNIFICENT. Thank You Steve

“Dedicated With Enormous Drive & Focus!” – by Teri M. I have known Steve for many years. I have always admired his passion for helping people and his dedication and focus in his healthcare marketing. He has developed many detailed strategies for building a client and referral base that are highly effective. His positive energy and constant drive are what makes him excel in his field and with people. The consulting I got from him was extremely beneficial in my new area of marketing. I have seen many positive results in a very short period of time and that is crucial to anyone in business today. I look forward to attending “Boot Camp” to add additional marketing tools I know will be effective! I encourage anyone interested in growing their business to speak to Steve and learn more about Hurricane Marketing Enterprises.

Amazing Depth Of Knowledge In Marketing Home Care And Hospice by Mike M.  Steve has been consulting me for several months now from across the nation. Our weekly conference calls has brought my referrals to a whole new level helping my business grow 300% over forecasted. He has given me all the tools needed to concentrate my marketing efforts on the most productive referral sources, helped me increase my margin, and guided me through staffing decisions as well as the operations aspects of my home care business. I came into this with no clinical or sales background and after only being open for 6 months I have recently hired my second marketer and have double the geographic area served. I have no doubt that this would not be possible if not for Steve’s consulting and sound advice that stems from his personal experiences and success in marketing. I recommend him to anyon looking to take their business to the next level. Steve and Hurricane marketing has helped me.