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In today’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” I show you an example of the client intake form we used for many years at my old Home Care business, Care Choice.  As you can see in the video, it is VERY detailed.  Three pages of questions, places for notes, etc.  The more you know about the client, the better you are able to service them.

Start with the basics.  I’m sure you all have a client intake form for your business now.  It probably includes things like height, weight, age, contact information, diagnosis, allergies, and some room for notes.  That is a great place to start, but when we are talking about taking care of a human life, there is a lot more to know.

Of course you want to know about the current diagnosis and why they are calling you for service, but you also need to know about any preexisting conditions. Ask about hobbies and interests, pets, food preferences, music/entertainment, etc.  Ask them how they would prefer to interact with the caregiver.  Some people want to be waited on, and have someone hover over them constantly, while others prefer to be left alone. Be sure to get contact information for at least two people, if possible, too.

Do a safety inspection of the home and include your checklist in the client intake form.  Check for handrails, or needed equipment.  Be through.  Take notes for the plan of care.  Take notes for the office staff, so they can be better prepared for a “more difficult” family member.  Include your operational piece with a documents checklist, insurance info, etc.  Every single thing you need to know about this client. 

When you take the time to ask these questions…to show you have a true interest in taking care of the whole person, and not just their illness/injury, you stand out from your competitors.  You make a great impression on the family, and hopefully the client too.  Wow them because you are asking questions they maybe never thought of.  This helps the family feel you are going to take incredible care of their loved one.

If you think the clients are wowed by this form…imagine what a Social Worker will think when she sees it!  I used to show this to the Social Workers all the time.  They appreciate the detail and how meticulous I was when getting know the people they referred to me.  It can make a huge difference to them, and make them feel the patient is in good hands, when they know you are going to such great lengths to know the person.  So not only is this a great tool for closing business, keeping the clients happy, and helping to match the right caregiver, but it is a GREAT marketing tool as well!

As my gift to you, download my client intake form HERE.  Match it with yours, see what you can add, or tweak with yours. Enjoy!

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