Home Care Marketing

Click Here to Download the Incoming Prospect Call Sheet

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Luck favors the prepared. In this episode of a Drink with “The Hurricane” I explain the importance of having a prospect call sheet.

A prospect call sheet is a tool which I find very useful in my business. It allows my team and I to be prepared for the conversation at hand. Having the prospect call sheet physically in your hand allows you to control the conversation focusing on key points you need to address with the caller. The sheet will determine if the caller will benefit from your services or not. With the proper knowledge of what the caller needs it will allow you to answer their questions, give them a solution, or schedule a face-to-face appointment to talk about services that best fits their situation.

When I started Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, with just one employee, we had this prospect call sheet from day one, because I knew the importance of having it with my previous company, Care Choice. The prospect call sheet is set up to gain as much information about the potential client as possible. The sheet enables you to understand the situation at hand and focus on how your company can help the individual. As a business owner, my company records and fills out an incoming prospect call sheet for every caller.

The sheet includes the basics:

  • The caller’s name
  • Phone number
  • How they heard about us
  • Their location
  • Email address

And some more specific information, depending on the industry you are in should be included as well. With a home care company, your goal is to sort the caller and set an appointment to meet in person. You will get the rest of the information you need then, but it’s essential to get the following while on that first phone call…

  • The name of their loved one and relation
  • Are they in the hospital or a rehab now?
  • When will they be discharged?
  • What is their specific situation? This means, what prompted them to call you today.
  • Have room on there for some blank lines to write any other information they volunteer about their situation.  You never know what a caller will say, so you have to be prepared.

Here’s how you go about getting this information.  Once you get the initial contact info, ask the caller if they mind if you ask them a few questions, so that you can determine which services would be best for their situation. This is where you can write down notes that pertain to their caller’s circumstances. If the person is calling in regards to their parents, it’s important to write down the parent’s name and what happened to him or her. The goal of the prospect call sheet is to make sure that the callers needs are met in a conversational manner.  This is important to show the caller that you care about their current situation. It will also allow the caller to open up and share their story providing you with necessary information to help them. Once this is instilled it will make scheduling a consultation a lot easier because it showed the caller that you care.

At the end, maintain a conversational tone and address your key points to communicate. Keep in mind your goal is to not discuss rates over the phone, but instead to schedule a free consultation to find a solution that best fits the clients budget. The goal of the call is to get the appointment…not to sell. It is essential that great customer service is always achieved. This is what helps make your business successful and by using the prospect sheet it gets you one step closer in your journey to Blow Away the Competition!