You know your business, but do you know what aspects of what you do will help you to increase sales? In this episode of A Drink With the Hurricane, I talk about the kinds of things that can make your home care business stand out from the pack so that more clients will want to use your services.

Someone recently commented that about half of what I say in my blog posts is common sense, but people don’t do the things that I’m talking about, which is why I choose to highlight those things. And with good reason! Common-sense habits can help you increase your sales. We’ll be discussing all aspects of increasing sales at our next boot camp.

When someone calls your home care business, they already know that they have a need for your services: They need someone to take care of a loved one or themselves so that person can avoid going to the hospital. How can you make your business stand out from other home care agencies? Be good at everything you do – the big things and the small things.

Do the small things correctly and really well

If you can master the smaller details, it can lead to you getting more sales. The way that you talk on the phone to prospective clients about their needs and your business is crucial.

Our PR Coordinator, Jennifer, has worked here for a little over a year. During that time, she’s sold several hundred-thousand dollars’ worth of products and services to hundreds of people in the U.S. and internationally, although she came to us with no sales experience. How is this possible? She helps people make conscious, educated decisions to purchase things that they already knew that they needed. When an inquiry comes into our office, the person on the phone is thinking about spending money with our company because they have a need, just like the people who call your business. To get the most out of the phone calls, you must have a solid process in place.

What is your process?

Jennifer knows how to help. She finds out what’s been going on with the business, how long they’ve been around, where they’re located, what services they need and what the budget is. You can learn all of these things about your prospective clients, too.

Jennifer figures out which services will be the most helpful to a particular company to help them achieve their goals without going over budget. Often, she closes the deal over the phone.

Come up with a solution that will fit their budget and help their needs

You can apply many of these steps to your home care business, although you shouldn’t try to close with some people over the phone. When you’re taking care of someone’s physical needs, you sometimes need to see them to assess the situation. Then you can close when you’re meeting in person.

We have a similar two-step process. If a client has very complex needs and Jennifer can’t answer all of the questions, she’ll arrange a time for me to speak with the person, and then we’ll come up with a solution that will fit their budget and their needs.

Know your business

The little things are often what can help you increase sales. Master your process, your tone, the closing process. Know what you’re supposed to do and execute it better than anyone else in your territory.

This is theme of our next boot camp. It’s what social workers, hospital administrators and directors of case management want. Can you explain what your business is all about? Do you know what the pressure points are for social workers and administrators? Can you be the solution, alleviating those pressure points? We’ll be discussing this at length at boot camp.

Master your process

The best way to make sales and get referrals is to become so good at all of the little parts of your business, you master them. At boot camp, we’ll share pointers that will help you transform your health care agency into a 7-figure business.

Come to our next boot camp, which will sell out. There are already 130 people signed up, and we’ll be talking all about ways to increase your company’s sales. If you register for boot camp now, I’ll be able to teach you how to Blow Away The Competition!