We’ve all been to a networking event with the person in the example above.  Someone who drags on and on for what seems like forever, talking about their company’s services, and then practically begs for referrals at the end.  Why people thinks this is effective, I will never understand.  But it’s only to our benefit…to the SMART networkers who are learning the important dos and don’ts of networking, that so many people still make these mistakes.  It will help YOU stand out amongst the rest.

In this week’s episode of “A Drink with the Hurricane” I explain the best ways to present your company during the intros at a networking event. 

Keep it short and simple!  Your intro, or “Elevator Pitch,” should be a BRIEF explanation of what your company does.  State your name, the name of your company, and then what your company does.  Simple. People who care about the services your company offers will remember you during the intros.  They will hear the key words you say and appreciate that you didn’t ramble on and on.  The reason it’s called an elevator pitch is because you should be able to say it, start to finish, in the time it would take to ride an elevator…30 seconds MAX. 

Practice, practice, practice.  You should know your pitch inside-out.  You gotta have it memorized!  Practice saying it out loud in front of a mirror, while you’re driving, while you’re riding an elevator!  Practice it in front of your family, friends, and colleagues.  Ask for critiques.  This is your COMMERCIAL, folks!  It needs to make a good impression, and fast.

Keep them wanting more.  Be a little vague with your introduction, to make people wonder exactly what it is that you do, by focusing on your company’s mission.  For example, instead of saying that your company provides caregivers who work in the homes of patients, say that your company helps people stay at home and age in place.  That will pique their interest.  It’s true!  And it leaves them wanting more information.  The people who are interested in what you said, and in your services, will come up to you and ask you questions about what you do.

To learn more about becoming an expert networker, sign up for Team Hurricane now!  The webinar scheduled for April 23 will be all about how to properly handle networking events, and getting business from them.  As an added bonus to our Team Hurricane members, we will be uploading video examples to our Facebook page, on how to correctly do an effective elevator pitch so you can Blow Away the Competition!