Hi Guys,

Referral sources are critical to a Home Care business. They catapult your growth by allowing prospective clients to hear firsthand stories from an account that they already trust. Referrals help increase your census, revenues, and profits, giving you an advantage to Blow Away Your Competition! On this weeks episode of a Drink With “The Hurricane,” I will give you the tools to gain referrals on a consist basis to MAXIMIZE your referral potential.

Time and time again, I hear Home Care owners and marketers from all over the world, express their frustration on not getting a referral from an account. Trust me, I understand the pain; I’ve been there. It is important to stop in this moment and understand why accounts refer. Ask yourself if you’re helping the account in any way? As business owners, we are so consumed by the day-to-day activities of running a company that we forget to answer the common question, “what is in it for them?”

Here are some things to help maximize your referral potential:
1. Sponsor an activity at a referral source
2. Stop by and leave a promo item
3. Collaborate with the referral source on an event. (This could be a CEU
event, a wine and cheese tasting, or hosting a networking event)
4. Share advertising costs to get both of your names out to the public
5. Improve the referral source’s referral source outcomes
Bring in an interesting article the facility. Maybe the article is about Medicare changes or dementia rates for example. Use these articles for your advantage and tell them how you can help!

Remember it take time to develop an account. It takes multiple visits to finally develop a referring relationship. Every single time you visit an account make sure you are walking in with a purpose. If you follow the steps above this will help you get the referrals you need for your business to grow.

If you want to find out more way to maximize your referral potential, sign up for our Referral Masters Boot Camp, February 8-10th, in Houston Texas. Steve “The Hurricane” has sold out Boot Camps nationwide and has transformed the lives of business owners across the nation. If you are serious about establishing a solid foundation for you and your business, this is not the event you want to miss! I look forward to meeting you in Houston, where our team will teach you how to Blow Away The Competition!