Hey everyone, Steve “The Hurricane” here, and for today’s episode of a Drink With The Hurricane, we’re gonna give you a great tip for marketing under a lock down during the end of 2020, cheers.

All right, so if you’re watching this, my hair is a little bit long, I know, I’m getting a haircut, I turn 40 in two days, it’s gonna be amazing, the next time you’ll see me I promise I’ll get it cut up but

I’m making this video because I’m seeing so many posts on social media about not being able to market during a lockdown and with the recent surge in coronavirus positives that are all around the United States, really all around the world more and more places are locking down again and they’re tightening up the things that they’re allowing people to do from a marketing standpoint, and it’s getting tough again. Now, first and foremost, I’m obviously gonna tell you to become a client all right. 67% of the industry is having a bad year. 90% of my clients are having a good year. We help you with marketing and sales and scaling and growing your business even during a pandemic. So consider becoming a client. But, while I’m saying that, I also wanna to give you a free tip of advice.

Think about doing an event, think about doing some kind of marketing effort that takes multiple visits in order to do something. So that this way it gives you a reason to come back again and again and again and again and again, and meet people in the parking lot and have that conversation and then ask for the business. And I’ll give you an example of one of my clients, way, way, way, way, way back in 2012, when I first started Hurricane Marketing Enterprises.

And this particular client had a great idea, they actually went out and they decided to give out a fish, right. So they bought a whole bunch of fish bowls. They bought a whole bunch of little rocks to go in the bottom of the fish bowl. They bought a little house that they had customized with their company logo, ’cause again it’s home care. So it was the name of the company home care that goes inside the fish bowl. They also bought a little plant that goes into fish bowl. They bought fish food and then eventually they got fish for it. And so when you take each of the parts of it, that was about six weeks, week one they came in with the fish bowl, week two, they came back with the rocks. Week three they came back with the little house, week four they came back with a little plant. Week five they came back with the fish food and then week six they came back with the fish itself, that gave them reason to see the same contacts again and, and again, and again and again.

So think about all the things that are, as the holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is in two weeks, I know it’s gone so fast, right. Thanksgiving is in two weeks, Christmas, New Year’s will be here before you know it. Think about things that you can do that’ll give you a reason to come back again and again and again, and see your contacts in these accounts, and again, have them come outside and have them get the item, have a five minute conversation, and then they go back into work and then say, I’ll be back next week. And then you book a meeting from a meeting.

Again, I have clients soon as all around the world, 90% of them are up. And I wanna remind you as well while you’re watching this, right. Forget about buying anything from me, if you do, you know how much I take care of you, if you don’t, it’s okay. We’re here to help, right.

There’s a free webinar, you cannot afford to miss it, all right. It’s called Confidence Amidst Chaos. Let’s attack aggressively, right. It’s basically how we’re finishing 2020, and how we can move forward with confidence in 21, when there’s so much uncertainty going on in our industry, if you have not registered for that webinar you are going to miss out. Theirs already at this point almost 200 people registered for it. And it’s still three weeks away. It’s December 3rd, at 3:00 pm Eastern. Now, when you come on this webinar live, I’m gonna give away a free product that we offer worth $1,200. So, be on it live because I have some huge announcements and I’m gonna give you all of the training and everything you need to blow away the competition.

So there’s our tip for the week. Think about marketing efforts and marketing initiatives that you can do that give you reasons to come back week after week after week after week, that you can begin in the next week or two. Be creative, the more creative, the better. Remember, 2020, everyone is tired of COVID-19. So they miss the marketing the way that they used to. They miss these visits, give them a reason to see you outside social distance, mask to mask. Get a face shield, like I got this face shield, so this way I can’t breathe on you, you can’t breathe on me, right. But you do your marketing. Get some kind of a reason to come back, make it happen. And there’s the tip of the week. I love you all, be safe. Mwaah, God bless, haircut coming next week. Take care of my friends, bye-bye.