– Hello everyone, Steve “The Hurricane” here and for today’s episode of a drink with the hurricane, we are gonna talk about marketing during a lockdown. Cheers!

– All right my friends. Here it is 2020, COVID-19 no matter what you think about it it’s affecting us, right? You can’t market the way you used to. Gone are the days of walking into an assisted living or walking into a skilled nursing facility. Gone are the days of going to networking events and community events and everything else. Those days are behind us for at least six months to maybe a year. And the reason why I say that, and it sounds like gloom and doom, is gloom and doom. I’m just sharing with you what I hear from my friends who are top CEOs and executives at some of the biggest hospital systems in the United States. They’re not going to open their doors for six months to a year. The reason for it, which makes sense is because COVID-19 directly impacts the senior population. So the strictest rules and regulations and limitations are placed upon nursing homes and rehabs and hospitals.

So because of the strict regulations, we have to abide by them and so marketing is very different. But something that a lot of you may not realize, is when I used to market for my company Care Choice back in the day eight-plus years ago, I marketed during the h1n1 swine flu pandemic. And it was the same as it is now. Like you even not, not to the way to affect the world. But the way that it affected the healthcare industry It was a lot of I couldn’t go marketing the way that I used to. I had to wear masks when I went into places to visit clients and pick them up and bring them home we had to put special protocols and procedures in place. So it’s, it’s a different virus, it’s affecting the world differently, but the lockdown scenario is the same. And so as a result, many of my clients they’ve been killing it out there.

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But the tip that I wanna share here is something that you should be doing anyway, but you just gonna do it a little bit differently now and it still has the same results. And that is collaborating with your power partners. Power partners are pretty much everything. If you’ve ever been to one of my boot camps or you’ve downloaded and purchased a virtual boot camp, I trained you on how to create power partners. I talked about the three-legged bar stool of home-based providers, home health, hospice, and private duty. And whatever walk of life that you happen to fall under, you need to find the other two counterparts so that you can form what I call an interdisciplinary team, on how you’re going to take care of people and bring them home, especially during a pandemic like Coronavirus, right.

If somebody has Coronavirus, and they have home health and they need private duty, you’re gonna have to be an interdisciplinary team approach to providing care for that individual anyway. So if you’re gonna be working together for patients, you also need to work together for business. And so collaborating with your power partners is still just as effective now as it was then. Many states around the country now and around the world have lessened the restrictions as we start to understand more about Coronavirus. So there are collaborations that you can do like ordering meals and delivering them to referral sources. Why is it good to collaborate?

Well, one of the big reasons why it’s good to collaborate is you’re sharing in the cost. So if you order meals for a referral source just to give those healthcare workers a break, and thank them for all that they’re doing on the front lines, that may cost you several hundred dollars. But if you have your two power partners together, now it’s 100 dollars a piece, and then all three companies share in the return and you’re giving back, that’s a great collaboration.

Another great collaboration is a lot of Governor’s like here in New Jersey. We’re one of the hardest-hit states in the country. You know, we have over 150,000 cases, but our governor has allowed us to have gatherings of up to 25 people outdoors. It’s summertime, so you can do go out collaborations, outdoor events, where your social distancing, you’re still having people gather` and because there are so few events right now, Your event is gonna stand out more than it ever has before, you’re gonna get, you’re gonna probably get like 30 or 40 hours CPS, you’ll have to cap it, do whatever you do what you’re allowed to do.

But you do the collaboration, reason why you do the collaboration as well, besides sharing the cost. If I invite my contacts, they invite their contacts. Now we all share in these contacts together. That’s how I’m gonna make new connections, new contacts that I currently don’t have. That’s how I’m gonna be able to get referrals I’m currently not getting. It all starts from this collaboration. So I just shared two examples of what our clients are doing with their power partners. You need to create those power partners. You need to be doing collaborations.

There’s so many others. I just saw one the other day that a friend of mine who was one of my former power partners, I’m so proud of him, Chris. He’s doing a CEU Event. The way he’s doing the CEU Event. He’s having everybody come to his building his assisted living and he’s the administrator of. He’s everybody come to the assisted living between eight and nine o’clock in the morning, they pick up breakfast, then they get the breakfast they go back to their office and at 9:30 via zoom is a two hour CEU Event that one of his contacts Laurie Lacan, he was a good friend of mine as well, she’s gonna be talking about a bunch I don’t know the exact topic, but I love it. From eight to nine, come get breakfast at the assisted living.

That means it’s a face to face visit, you’re gonna see it, you’re getting a free breakfast, then go back to your office, go back home, go back to wherever you are, and then log in at 9:30 from 9:30 to 11:30 for the two hour CEU and then you get your credits. That’s an example of a collaboration. Laurie is collaborating with Chris and several other companies to make this happen. You can do the same exact thing.

This is this isn’t rocket science. It’s the same thing that we’II do, instead of having everybody come together for an event. You’re doing it with a remote touch point. But It gets the job done. It gets the word out there, it gets people seeing your company is brand recognition is brand awareness, it’s face to face is its contact points, which lead to building trust, which leads to getting the referrals you’re after. So there you have it. That’s the tip of the week, my friends, keep at it.

And again, call us, email us at info@homecaremarketing that get your coaching session let us help you. Blow away the competition. Stay safe, my friends, be diligent, keep fighting, and grow your business. God bless you all. You are in my prayers.