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Research to Provide Tangible Data to Make the Case for Home Care

We are approaching a new era in our young (or should I say, old) nation. For the first time in history, we will soon be living in a society where the old outnumber the young…but are we ready for this era? With rising healthcare cost, less subsidies available and lower household income rates, we must truly reflect on how we plan to provide the adequate care for our aging population.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School’s Department of Health Care Policy, and Right at Home recently launched a joint partnership to take on the challenge of provide specific data on the benefits of Home Healthcare. This study aims to show that aging at home both decreases health care spending while at the same time, increases quality of life. It is surely one of the most revolutionary studies being conducted and necessary to prove that Home Care is the best option for seniors in our society.

Let us prepare for the future now, so when the results of the study are reveal, we will be ready to provide our great services to even more of those who we love and care for.