If you want your business to grow power partnerships are the way to go! On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane” Steve will discuss what you should be doing when it comes to referring your Power Partners.


Hi folks, Steve “The Hurricane” here and for today’s episode of “A Drink with the Hurricane”, we’re going to talk about how to create power partners.

The creation of power partners, I spoke about what we can do together last week. This week I’m gonna talk about carrying each others’ information and helping us close business. Which is one of many of the things that power partners can do.

And at the Hurricane Referral Masters Boot Camp in February, I’m gonna go over exactly who, what, where, when, why, how to create a power partner, how to create a team of power partners, and truly dominate your marketing place. So if you haven’t signed up for the boot camp, sign up now, because it’s going to sell out.

Now when it comes to carrying your literature for your power partners, how do we do this? The easy way to do it. You can carry brochures, you can carry their pamphlets, but it’s much easier to carry their business cards. But with a power partner, you should know everything about your power partner, because you’re an advocate for their business and they are for you. So every time I used to walk into one of my referrals sources I always had at least one or two of my power partners business cards in my back pocket.

So this way, if I saw an opportunity to help convert a hospice patient, a DME patient, somebody who needs an elder law attorney, or whatever, I had their information on hand. I was so well versed on what my power partner did, I knew their rates, I knew the services that they offered, I knew what they excelled at, I knew their service area, and keep in mind, my referral sources knew the same about me. My power partners knew the same for me. So this again, was a two-way street.

If I walked in and I was meeting with a perspective client for my company and I found that they needed one of my power partners, I gave out the card and I started talking up the power partner. After doing so, the family’s like this is fantastic, we really gotta see so and so. And I would say, let me see if they’re available, right. Would you like me to set up an appointment for you right now? And nine times out of ten, the family’s like yes.

They don’t have to make the phone call. I make the phone call, I pull out my cell phone, I call my power partner, I get them on the phone and then I say, Hey, I’m sitting with a prospective client can you come meet with them today? Yes, you can? Hang on one second, let me put them on the phone. Boom, here you go. And then they get an appointment. That’s helping your power partner close business because if I didn’t do that, that family would probably go back to the social worker, ask for a couple of other elder law attorneys, contact everybody and they may not even contact my power partner.

Because I set it up, got the appointment, the attorney can come out and see them today and start to take care of business, that is a win-win-win. And your power partner should do the same thing for you. This is all part of the training. We have to get it to this point. This is about three to six months after that relationship is first established when you would start doing this. There’s a lot more information that I’m gonna go over at the Referral Masters Boot Camp on how to create power partners. There’s a reason why this is my most requested and most popular topic. Everybody should have power partners.

Now if you’re not doing this, if you have no idea how to go about doing it or you’re kinda sorta doing it but you really wanna maximize power partners, it’s the first presentation of the Referral Masters Boot Camp.

Sign up right now because it’s going to sell out. Commit! Commit right now to making 2018 your best year yet. Sign up for the Hurricane Marketing Boot Camp where I’m going to teach you how to BLOW AWAY THE COMPETITION!