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Hi, folks!  Thanks for tuning in for another edition of A Drink with “The Hurricane.”  Today, I want to focus on closing your home care sales pitch and overcoming client objections.

Dan, a member of our Home Care Revenue Builder’s team, recently asked, “How can marketers overcome the objections they face from families who are seeking home care services?”

First, let’s identify some of the common concerns home care marketers typically hear:

“I can’t afford it.”

“I’m interviewing other agencies.”

“Your price is higher than others’.”

Now let’s tackle these objections with what I call a your bullet-proof closing process.

I split this up into two key parts—

Part 1:  Sales presentation binder.

Every home care marketer should have a sales presentation binder to formalize the selling process.  This informational binder does all of the heavy lifting for you.  It gives potential clients and their families an inside look at what your company offers.  Show them a price range list.  Include a copy of your agency’s client intake forms. Let these potential clients see exactly what they’ll be getting into from the start.  Sales presentation binders are vital to overcoming client objections because they’re specifically designed to address concerns up front.  Your presentation must be thorough, and in order to keep you on track, that presentation binder will work wonders. These techniques give your closing sales pitch real value.

You should always be one step ahead in what I call the sales objection cycle, which leads us to—

Part 2:  Strategic sales response.

Objections typically follow patterns and come in cycles.  So as a home care marketer, you’ll need to have practical responses in place to automatically handle client objections when they come.

Here’s your tactical sales response:

  1. Acknowledge what the potential client says and agree (i.e. “I hear you…”).
  2. Transition from acknowledgement (i.e. – “I hear you, but….”).
  3. Respond with logic and facts. (i.e. – “but…now explain WHAT they get for the price, or HOW your company is different from the competitor, or remind them WHY they called in the first place and that their loved one needs help now).
  4. Ask for the sale again. (i.e. – “So are you ready to move forward?)

Follow this same pattern with every objection.  Responding with strategic answers will become second nature the more you rehearse these tactics. Remember, the key is to create value for potential clients.

Take these tips I’ve outlined today and run with them, folks!

Here’s more information on closing topics  and on Home Care Revenue Builders.  We offer plenty of tips to help you close the deal and grow your home care business.

Thanks again for stopping by!  We’ll see you next time.

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