Hey there folks, thanks for tuning in for other episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane.”  In this episode, I will be talking about how to respond when a referral source says “It’s not a good time.”

Time and time again you may hear:

  • I’m too busy
  • I’m getting ready for vacation
  • Its the Holidays, I don’t have time
  • I can do it another day
  • This isn’t the right time

Let me first start off with this… there is never a good time to market your business. And there will always be an excuse to not do the things that need to be done. Don’t let excuses take over your business!

Referral sources are always busy. Now you may be asking, “Steve, if this is true how do I meet my goals?” Be PERSISTENT!

People are more likely to give you referrals when they have benefited from your services and have already established a relationship with you.

Take Julie for example…  who was a marketing rep and is one now of our coaches. When Julie and I first starting working together, I would send her out to a major account. Julie would then host a health and wellness program with the account every week.

This provided a purpose for being at the account. Once the account was familiar with Julie and I, they no longer saw us as just another company, since we have grown a business RELATIONSHIP with them. This made it easier when I would visit these accounts to ask them if they have any referrals. Why? Because I was already providing them with an opportunity that benefited them and for that they were more willing to return the favor.

You hear me say it all the time… People refer business to those who they know, like, and trust. This is how you start that process. Remember a key question to ask yourself when entering an account is What is in it for them?

By providing the account with a weekly program it benefits our exposure as well as keeps their clients happy which adds value to both businesses. By doing this, we are creating a long term relationship with the facility. It is important to keep in mind that the referrals might not come right away, but by taking this time to develop a relationship we are creating trust. This trust will ultimately lead to more referrals.