Absolutely! Another great dramatization this week, everyone. Like last week’s, the “wrong” example in this video may SEEM like the right thing to do. The owner is wrapping up the weekly staff meeting, when her marketer reminds her about the in-service he’s going to later that day at the “big hospital” in their territory. She is excited for him, tries to get him pumped up and wishes him good luck. She seems to be supportive and happy, and treats her rep with respect and encouragement. So why is this the wrong thing to do? In today’s episode of “A Drink with the Hurricane,” I’ll explain why, and show the correct way the business owner in this situation should have reacted.

When your Marketing Rep lands an in-service, it is important for you to try and attend with him/her. Do you have to go to every single in-service that your Marketing Rep schedules? No. Do you have to be the one presenting at the in-services that you do go to? No. Does it make a difference where the in-service is scheduled? YES! When your Marketing Rep schedules an in-service at an ALF, an ILF, a CCRC, a SNF, etc, you should attend when you can, and be there to show that you are involved in the business and to meet some of the people at the account. But when your Rep schedules an in-service at a hospital…especially a BIG one, as shown in this example, you absolutely MUST ATTEND, no matter what!

In a hospital setting, there may be 30-40 people there. I have done hospital in-services for 50 people in the past myself. That is a lot for your rep to handle all alone. You need to be involved in your business. You need to meet the people at the account. You may need to answer questions that your rep just can’t answer. Take this seriously! You can see in the “right” example in the video, the owner had forgotten about the in-service, but she drops everything and is ready to meet her marketer there in a half hour. They are going to go in there as a team and “conquer” the hospital together! 

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I have explained to you in this video that it is essential for the business owner to attend in-services with the Marketing Reps. Do you want to know WHY it is important…and how you SHOULD be treating your marketers? I explain all that in “deleted scenes” from this video that will be posted for Team Hurricane members only. Seriously, folks. We do all this to HELP YOU to grow your businesses, and to teach you the best practices to increase your census, referrals, and profits. We put our hearts and souls into everything we do, all focused on teaching you how to Blow Away the Competition!