Should You Hire a Marketing Rep for Your Home Care Company? from Hurricane Marketing Enterprises on Vimeo.

Home Care Marketing

The phone in our office rings a lot. Business owners call in with a wide range of questions and issues they are looking to fix. The common thread is they all want to increase referrals, their census, and ultimately profits. One (of many) questions we get asked frequently is, “Should I hire a Marketing Rep?” Certainly, we take several factors into consideration before answering them, but ultimately, if their business can support the added salary, YES…definitely hire a Marketing Rep!

In today’s episode of “A Drink with the Hurricane” I cover some more statistics pulled from the Home Care Pulse 2015 Benchmarking Study. I LOVE this report! There is such terrific information in here and if you truly want to dig into what the successful companies are doing, you must educate yourself. Looking at the stats for business which have a full time marketer, we see a 33% higher revenue vs. those that do not have a marketer. This is a HUGE difference…approximately $700,000 annually. So now that you know how essential it is to get a marketer, what type of person should you look for?

I interview Marketing Rep candidates for our clients all the time. There are many qualities I look for, and some specific questions I ask. But it essentially comes down to the following two things…

KEY points to consider when interviewing a Marketing Rep

  • Is this someone you can see yourself working with every single day?
  • Do you LIKE this person?
  • Is there a sense of trust?
  • Do they have the “personality” of a successful marketer?
  • If you are not sure if you like the person, and have to think about it, that is definitely not the right person for you
  • Likability is VERY important in this role

Does this person have sales experience?

  • Business to business is preferable, but any sales experience will do if it’s the right person
  • Sales background in a common product/service is preferred, because they will have experience “taking” business from competitors. It takes persistence.
  • Example: office supplies. All businesses get office supplies from somewhere. It’s pretty easy to find. A GOOD marketer is able to get a client to switch to ordering from them, when they are already purchasing from a competitor. Home Care Marketers need to know how to do this.
  • It is NOT necessary to hire someone with Home Care sales experience. In fact, we recommend against it in most cases.

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