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Hi, folks!  Thanks for tuning in to another edition of A Drink with “The Hurricane.”  We’re continuing with our Social Workers’ training session that will be featured at next month’s Hurricane Marketing Boot Camp 2.0.

I interviewed two Social Worker friends who work with vendors every day.  Their helpful, tell-all interview takes us behind the scenes, and examines what Social Workers really think — and what drives them crazy.

Here are Social Workers’ 3 biggest pet peeves with marketers:

1) People standing outside their door:  Social workers are like the rest of us.  Their days are filled with meetings, catching up on emails and making phone calls.  Now put yourself in their shoes for a minute.  Imagine dozens of people hovering outside your office while you’re up to your eyeballs in work.  You can understand how that might drive someone crazy, no?  So don’t do it. 

2) Showing up unannounced:  This can be difficult to navigate at times because as a sales rep, drop-by visits are the nature of the beast and come with the territory of meeting quotas.  So to avoid getting on the bad side of Social Workers, it’s best to have a valid reason for showing up.  Whether you’re following up about a client they’ve referred to you or inviting them to an event, you need a solid purpose for being there.  Just be mindful that Social Workers really don’t like when marketers show up unannounced.  Take this brief tip and run with it now.

3) Dropping by during the busiest time of the week:  Friday afternoons between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. might be the exciting home stretch for some professionals; but for Social Workers, it’s prime time for discharges and other last-minute tasks.  So avoid stopping by during this time if you’re a new referral source.  They don’t know you or trust you yet; and they certainly don’t have time to build a relationship during their own crunch time. If you’re an established referral source, however, there’s wiggle room here because the Social Workers will be looking to the marketers they trust for last-minute referrals.

Those are my tips of the week, folks!  Avoid these Social Worker pet peeves at all costs.  Again, next month at the Boot Camp I will dive into all of this more deeply.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.  We’ll break down everything you need to know in order to build trustworthy relationships with Social Workers, ones that will lead to referrals and grow your business.

Register today, and I’ll see you all in Phoenix!