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Hi Everyone “Steve the Hurricane” here.  On today’s episode of A Drink With the Hurricane we’re going to talk about starting Care for a new client.

So, I’m here at my beautiful hotel room down in Orlando at the private care conference.  I’m going to turn my view around so you can see how gorgeous it is behind me. You can see over there is Disney World as well as Downtown Disney. You can see a lot of the cool stuff that’s over there. So, I am standing on the balcony right now. I just wanted to take this moment to speak with you and talk about starting a plan of care.

At the Boot Camp, I am going to go over how to properly start a case on day two. This is the operational day at this Millionaire’s Boot Camp because obviously if you want to start a case, you want the client to stay with you long term.

You want the client to be with you for the rest of their lives. How do you do that? Well, it all comes from how you start the case.  One of the biggest challenges, one of the biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to home care and starting cases is that they start the case with the caregiver arriving at the house unassisted.  Maybe the person who sold the case meets the caregiver at the house. That’s a mistake.

Here’s why. We don’t know where that caregiver is. We don’t know if that caregiver knows how to get to the house. We don’t know if they have reliable transportation. We haven’t had a chance to prep them properly. Many times, people just send an email to the caregiver and that’s the end of it. That’s wrong. I’m going to go over in further detail how to properly start the case and how to keep it going with care coordination at the boot camp.

What you want to do is have the caregiver come to the office one hour before the case starts. So, this way you have that opportunity to properly prep them and make sure that they’re dressed appropriately. Then have the caregiver follow you to the client’s house. That way, they both show up on time and get the case started in the proper fashion and on a positive note.

So, there’s the tip for the week.  At the, boot camp I want to spend an entire 90-minute session going through care coordination and all the things to help you increase the length of time a client stays with you while helping with your retention of caregivers because recruiting is important. But, you’ve got to remember it’s all about keeping the caregivers that you have working full time for your agency for your seniors.

So, I’ll see you at boot camp if you haven’t registered, please do it soon.  We have about 150 people already coming. We will sell out. Do not miss this event. See you there!