Every summer, we hear the same things from our clients; “Everyone at my accounts is on vacation.” “Nobody has any referrals for me.” “I’m going to use this down time to get my operations in check.” I love hearing this, because it reconfirms the fact that many people think these things, and we can teach our clients how to use this to their advantage.

In this week’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” we start with a dramatization. Poor Tony can’t catch a break! He gets shot down because “everyone is on vacation in the summer.” Of course, we love to over exaggerate things in these videos, but the point here is made. This is what you hear at one or two accounts, and it becomes what you expect to hear from ALL of your accounts. So, maybe like Tony, you make the same exact mistake…and skip on out of the account thinking you may as well take things slow and go on vacation yourself. KNOCK IT OFF! =)

The most fantastic thing about this time of year, is that so many of your competitors are doing that exact thing. Taking their foot off the gas with the marketing, focusing on the operations, slowing down because everyone else is, etc. GREAT! Be thankful they are doing that…because now YOU can capitalize on their mistake.

What is the core of the program we teach here at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises? If you have been following us for a while, you know it is relationship-building. People refer those who they know, like, and trust. The only way to get them to that stage, is to visit with them on a consistent basis. If you have already created a relationship, and then disappear for the summer, the trust goes down. If you haven’t yet started to create a relationship, get in there while they actually have TIME to see you, while it’s not as busy.

You are not the only one whose business slows in the summer. The facilities definitely do as well. There are skeleton crews there while “everyone is on vacation,” but someone has to hold down the fort. Bond with the people left behind. We all know it will take about 3 months to develop a referring relationship with the people at an account, so why wait until they are super busy in the Fall? Start NOW, so by the time they DO have referrals to give you, they know you and you are fresh in their minds.

Trust me, they are definitely giving referrals to someone…so why can’t it be you? While the marketer who regularly gets their business takes a break in the summer, you jump in there and build that relationship. Use their weakness as your strength, and Blow Away the Competition!

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