It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, Its Steve “The Hurricane” Talking About Halloween Marketing! In this week’s episode of A Drink With The Hurricane, Superman explains 3 reasons why you MUST dress up this season!



All right, so Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year and obviously, as you can see, Superman is my favorite superhero of all time. What I love about Halloween is you get the chance to have fun. You get the chance to put on your costume, be silly, and generate a tremendous amount of referrals at the same time. Every single year, from 2005 all the way through 2012, when I was a marketer or Home Care business owner, I went out costume marketing. Superman was everybody’s favorite. But, I love doing this. It accomplishes so many great things.


Number one, when you go to your referral sources in costume, on Halloween, they’re all wearing costumes as well. Think about the places we go to. Assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, independent living, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, people exist, people live in these places. So they’re going to be celebrating Halloween anyway. They’re going to be having Halloween parties and Halloween parades. Some of these places have children that come in and trick or treat at these centers. So you might as well show up. When you show up in costume, they welcome you.


If you have a hard time getting into an account, on Halloween, I guarantee you’ll be able to get into that account that day if you’re in costume because everybody else is going to be in costume and they want to see you. And they’re going to want to see your costume. Especially if you’re Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, a superhero, right? It’s fun! Have fun with it.


Number two, when you go out on Halloween in costume, and you’re costume marketing, you want to make sure that you go in with a plan. What is the plan? Today I’m here having fun and I’m marketing. Here’s a piece of candy and then you want to BAMFAM, Book A Meeting From A Meeting to have a follow up next week or the week after to discuss business one on one. So this way it accomplishes the task of getting past the gatekeeper, getting in, developing a quick relationship, or further reestablishing an existing relationship and making it even stronger, but then you also have a purpose for your visit that leads to growing your business.


Then finally, the last part of it besides all the fun, is the patients themselves absolutely love it. I cannot stress this enough. I’ll never forget when I went out as Superman and I went into St. Lawrence Rehab which is down in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and when I went to that rehabilitation center one of my long-term clients was there getting discharged. They called in earlier that day to schedule an appointment, my business partner Brian, he was going to come here later on in the afternoon anyway, but because I came in around lunchtime the social worker saw me, told me about the referral, and they said, “Oh, he’s going to love you.”


So I go down to therapy in Superman costume, and this rehab is giant. They have like, 200-300 patients there at any given time. I’m in rehab, they had 75 people getting rehab at the same time and I just come walking in. Hello, folks. I’m here to see John Doe. And John Doe is like, what? Superman is here to see me? And I was like, “Yes I am, I hear you’re coming home soon.” And it was the funniest thing ever. He loved it. He became a longterm client for the rest of my career. When I sold the company I left, he still was on services. Every time I went to visit him over the years to come, and I saw him, he always talked about how he was sold from the day Superman came to the rehabilitation center just to see him. I mean, that’s awesome.


This particular individual had a stroke. I’m not sharing a name, obviously, but the story, he had a stroke. To have a stroke, he’s going through some bad stuff. He’s not feeling like himself. He’s not a healthy man anymore, although he was very healthy in his youth. So he’s been through a rough day. I came in, made his day, got him home and kept him home for the rest of his life. That’s what it’s all about.


So, it’s fun, you’re going to have a good time. You’re going to get into referral sources that you can’t get into otherwise. You’re going to get business. You’re going to set up future because obviously you risk being the fool but it’s going to pay off in the end because you are the superhero that you are. And you’re going to help your seniors. That’s what it’s all about.


So this is the tip for this week. Halloween marketing, dress up in costume. Comment below, have you ever gone costume marketing before? What was your experience like?

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