One of the best ways to make a good first impression is to memorize the name of the person you have just met. However, how many times have you been introduced to someone only to forget that individual’s name moments later? Trust me, we have all been there.

Clients, Referral Sources, and potential Power Partners all want to feel important. By referring to someone by name, you are showing the person that he or she matters, which essentially gives you an advantage to blow away the competition.

Remembering a customer’s name can improve your sales in any industry. But, this can be a challenge for most people. Time and time again, people are amazed by how easily I can grasp a person’s name and ask me how I do it. On this week’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” I have asked Nick Bonitatibus, from Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, to provide you with techniques to help you master the art of memorizing a person’s name.  

Remembering names in a large setting can be intimidating for some, especially if you are prone to being forgetful. The good news is, with practice, you can improve your memory by following these steps:

Meet and Repeat

  • When you first meet someone, don’t just carry on with the conversation. I want you to immediately state the person’s name. For example, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Joe.” Using his/her name throughout the conversation will help you remember him/her in the long run.

Spell it out

  • When concluding a conversation, ask for their business card, and later that night add them to your Facebook account. By seeing the person’s name on the business card and his/her picture on Facebook, it creates a visual that will help you develop an association between a name and a face.

Put the contact in your phone with a picture

  • How many times have you put someone’s number in your phone, only to forget who that person is?  If you can’t follow up, then what good is having a number? This is where taking a picture of the person comes in handy. Now you will have a visual cue to help jog your memory. I recommend putting a note in your phone to help you remember things such as their job title, where you met them, and any personal facts that would be important to follow up with during your next interaction.

Remembering names and using them is a powerful tool to use in any setting. Practice these new techniques at the next Hurricane’s Home Care Boot Camp in Denver, CO. Steve “The Hurricane” has sold out Boot Camps nationwide and has transformed the lives of business owners across the country. If you are serious about establishing a solid foundation for you and your business, this is an event you don’t want to miss! I look forward to meeting you in Denver, where our team will teach you how to Blow Away the Competition!