The median caregiver acquisition costs. It changes based on the number of caregivers that you employ. The more caregivers you employ, the less it costs you, little fewer caregivers that you employ, the more it costs you per caregiver. Now I wanna stop here for a moment. I want you to think about like, Why? Why?

Why is it costing more money to get caregivers, when I have a smaller agency? One factor which is a huge one, is you haven’t figured it out yet. You haven’t figured out how to retain caregivers. You haven’t figured out how to attract caregivers. So you’re working harder, not smarter. Right?

We don’t have the processes in place. We don’t have the stability. There may even be a difference in ourselves and how we’re interviewing. We have a small agency and now we have, less than 50 caregivers working for me. I’m desperate. I’m doing everything I can, and when people don’t. People want what they can’t have. Write that down. People want what they can’t have.

When you’re desperate to get a caregiver, you’re gonna give them the stars and the moon and everything else. Well, I don’t want that. When you encounter from a place of confidence and that standard, Wow. You know, they got a lot of standards here, but I like this company, right? They’re not just giving it to me. I have to actually earn it. I want it more. I wanna work ongoing to feel proud, representing this company.

Question I want you to write down to do ’cause I’m giving you all these questions and stuff to write down. This is where you’re learning it then Monday, Tuesday, maybe not Monday, Monday, I know it’s gonna be a tough day for you, right? Tuesday, Wednesday, next week. I want you to ask and do these internal audits to find out the answers of what I’m saying here industry speaking, what is it in your organization so that you can confidently move forward?

Would I work here? If I was a caregiver? That is the question I want you to write down. Would I want to work here if I was a caregiver? And I want you to ask every single member of your team, one-on-one individually, marketers do this too, you have to know this. I’ve already spent enough time this morning talking about how marketers need to know how to recruit. So you need to know this stuff too, you should be helping with the recruiting effort.

You heard me talk in the last presentation about how I created a pull tab flyer. You can write that down too if you haven’t already created a little flyer with the pull tab, with the phone numbers it’s old school, but there’s no school like the old school, right? And so I used to have this flyer and I knew where my caregivers live, right? ‘Cause caregivers, birds of a feather flock together. So if I looked through my caregiver list and I realized I had like two or three caregivers that live in the same development or same community same apartment complex, chances are other CNAs, other Home Health Aides live in that same community.

So I would go to that community and I’d put my flyers on the mailboxes or in the laundry rooms of those apartment complexes. I would find laundry mats near apartment complexes, and I would flyer those. I would find bus stops and terminals near those complexes and I would flyer those. I would go to the supermarkets and the convenient stores near those and ask if they have a community board, and I would flyer those marketing representative.

I did that, not my recruiter, not somebody else I did that to help get more people to come and every single time I did it, you always got two or three phone calls right away because someone saw it. As a matter of fact, the funniest thing is when I was in one of the complexes there’s a complex in Sayreville, New Jersey called Winding Woods. And I had like 15 caregivers that lived in Winding Woods. It was a thousand apartments in this community. Some was flyering the mailbox was driving around. And one of the supers caught me flyering the mailbox. And he’s like,” what are you doing?” You know, come on I’m Steve, “The Hurricane.” Right? So I put a positive spin on it. So I said, “oh I’m putting out flyers for employment. And this way, if people see it and they’re need a job they might have a hard time paying rent. So if they see this and they call us and we hire them, that can help them get a job, so they have money, so they can afford to pay rent to live here.” And the super was like, “man, that’s a great idea. Can I help you?” And he took some of the flyers and we went around and we put it up all over the entire complex. And I was like, dodged the bullet. Right?

So like, there you go. Right, and he give you fantastic idea that you could do and even how to get out of trouble, right? Somebody yells at you. But again, think about what the larger companies are doing.

Well, I just showed you. They have stricter processes. They have higher expectations for the caregiver. But as a result, it costs them a lot less than it does for the people who are desperate, who needed the most. Because here, we’re not gonna just give you a job at care choice. You gotta be the right person and we stick to it. And, I’ll give you another example of how this works. I think about the mindset flipping the table. It’s a buyer’s market from the caregiver’s perspective. We need to make it a seller’s market. Think about luxury cars, right? I talk about my M3, my BMW a hundred thousand Lincoln Navigator, right? These are beautiful cars. Do you think BMW is gonna lower the price of their vehicles because people can’t afford it? Because nobody’s gonna come in here whatever? No, when you walk in there, and you walk in and they sit down and they go, boom okay, this car is gonna cost you a thousand dollars a month. Right? That’s what they’re gonna say. It’s got to be costing a thousand times a month. And you’re like, “well, could it do any better on the price?” Their response responses, “this is a BMW.” That’s their response. That is their response. And they hold to it. You wanna be the BMW even if your business is smaller. You have to act as if and you have to set the standard.