In this episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” Steve discusses the importance of treating your staff right, and finding unique ways to show your appreciation to them. Doing this properly can help your business soar!


Hello Everyone!

Steve “The Hurricane” here and we’re having a drink with the hurricane. Cheers!

I want to take a moment and talk about taking care of your staff. And why do I mention this? Because so many people in my mastermind group, so many of the boot camp attendees that I talk to regularly all come up to me and they say “Steve you have an amazing staff” “Steve your staff is incredible.” “Steve how do you leave your business for an entire month and still continue to run with you being away?”

Well the reason why this is able to happen is because I take care of my staff. I treat my staff as if they are my business partners. My staff have a shared interest in the company. I do revenue sharing with my employees

When I have a profitable quarter, they have a profitable quarter. If I’m making a lot of money, they’re making a lot of money. By sharing in it they treat the company like it’s their own.

They are all part owners per se in the business and so they want the company to be successful because they’re part of it.

Also, little appreciation things can go a long way. At the last Boot Camp, we went out to celebrate dinner together and I took them out to an amazing restaurant and I was told how appreciative THEY are that I appreciate THEM. That’s what you have to do!

Yeah. My business is a little bit different from the home care business model. But take another example of Kunu, who’s one of our mastermind members. He owns an 8-figure a year home care business and he took his entire staff to the boot camp. He took them out for meals and treated them like they’re owners in his company. Therefore, they do an amazing job for him.

And by doing a great job for his staff they’re loyal to him. They will work harder for him because they treat his business like it’s their business and as a result he’s been able to generate 8-figures a year. This is what it takes! Take care of your staff!

I saw this great post the other day from Richard Branson and I love it because he said the customer comes first. However, I disagree. In my opinion, it’s your staff that comes first. If you take care of your staff and they truly come first in your business, you will be successful because they will put their customers first and produce great customer experiences.