Hey, everyone, it’s Steve the hurricane here with today’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane”, where we’re gonna talk about boosting morale of our referral sources and our own organization.

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So as you see in this video behind me here, or you see I’m not in my office. I’m actually wearing a tank top. It’s a hurricane tank top though, so I’m still representing the brand and the company, but I am on vacation, and every year, no matter what’s happening, obviously, we know what’s happening in the world right now, but every year, I come down to beautiful Clearwater, Florida and I rent a condo for the month and my family is here. They’re out at the beach right now and we’re just enjoying life, and I’m very grateful to be in the position to be able to do this every single year for the last five years now, and the reason why I’m bringing up boosting morale and what you’re doing to boost morale, both internally at your office and at your referral sources, is real simple.

Right now, there’s a pandemic that’s happening. Right now, the most susceptible population are the very patients that we provide services to, and so as a result of this pandemic, we are at war, and the war and the front lines of the war are the very places that we’re going for business, our assisted living communities, our nursing homes, our hospitals, even our agencies, the home care companies that we offer services that we are on the front lines, and when I look at my clients who I am so proud of by accomplishing these things where they’re getting business.

I had a client I was speaking to earlier today in Dallas, Texas who had 13 referrals last week. I have a client in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now, you know what’s happening in Minneapolis on top of the pandemic. They averaged 15 referrals a week for the last two months. 15 referrals a week for the last two months, and I think to myself, what are they doing? And it’s things that we taught them how to do, but breaking it down to the simplest, they are increasing and boosting the morale and bringing positive energy to their referral sources during wartime, and why is this so important?

I want you to think about what the referral sources are experiencing right now. Here, you have nurses, therapists, social workers, administrative staff, maintenance, housekeeping, dietary, and other professionals who are working at these communities that we go to for business. Everyday, they show up under lockdown scenario. Everyone is wearing masks, everyone is wearing PPE, gloves, gowns, booties on their shoes, hair nets, et cetera. The senior population, when you look at all the people who have passed away from COVID and the people who are most vulnerable, the seniors are the ones that are the highest affected by this. Their mortality rate is higher than any other population. So in many of these communities, they’ve lost residents and patients who have literally died from COVID. Many of their coworkers have contracted COVID, leading to more fear and anxiety. Family members can’t come and visit, marketing reps like yourselves and business owners can’t come in. There is no normalcy.

There’s, mark my words, there’s nothing normal about what they’re experiencing. They go to work because they love what they do and they take care of other people and they’re sacrificing for them, but when they leave work, if they’ve had patients who are sick or patients who died, coworkers who were sick, maybe even coworkers who have died, that is very depressing. They go home, they take care of their family, go to sleep, they get up, and they do it again. Morale is at an all-time low, but what can you do about it? You bring joy, you bring peace, you bring normalcy.

Get some snacks and bring it over to them. Meet them outside, have some coffee, have a happy hour with them. There’s so many things that you can do, and this is marketing, it is. Yes, you’re trying to grow the business, but you’re doing it out of love, and when you do it out of love and you go in there and you just be who you are, you’re gonna have thank you’s, you’re gonna receive gratitude and appreciation like you’ve never received from your referral sources before, and this leads to real trust because it’s genuine, because you’re doing something for them that no one else is doing right now. You’re remembering them when others have forgotten about them, and as a result, they will remember you over everyone else because you’re doing something for them that others aren’t.

I say this quote all the time, today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t. By working with your referral sources and doing things to build the morale and boost the morale of their organization, they will remember it and they will refer you over other people because the others aren’t doing it. You’re also gonna create this phenomenon that I love to call the you were there when, so that in 2021, 2025, 2030 or however many years in the future, COVID-19 and this situation in 2020 will be a thing of the past, and when people speak of it, they will be like, yeah, you were there when we went through this.

This is a huge opportunity for you right now in getting into your accounts. Make sure that at the same time while you’re trying to boost the morale of your referral sources, you’re doing the same things for yourselves and for your own organization. Keeping everybody positive, keeping everybody happy. Morale is more important now than ever because there is a gloom and doom over the entire planet. Take care of yourselves mentally and emotionally. Take care of your team mentally and emotionally. Take care of your referral sources mentally and emotionally, and you will get the business.

This is different from the other messages that I’ve been sending to you, but I want to send this to you because it’s so important, and again, the proof is in the pudding. My clients are having successes by doing what I’m sharing with you, and there’s other ways to do it and stuff, and call us. Have a strategy session. We’ll help you figure it out, but when you do this and it’s genuine and it’s from the heart, your referral sources will reciprocate and they will refer you in a way that they’ve never referred you before. So that’s our tip for the week. Be safe, my friends. I love you all, God bless, and I’ll talk to you soon.