Tip 7 out of 12: Give up or try again on an account that isn’t referring?


Many of you have asked me “Steve, when do I give up on a referral source? I’ve been visiting this account and have yet to receive a single referral from them, is it time to give up?”


The short answer to this common question is you should NEVER give up on a referral source. I tell my clients, time and time again, that giving up a referral source is never a good idea. This is because of turnover frequency happening in each and every one of these accounts.


Before you question this account make sure you:

1. Properly Qualifying the Account


Determine if these accounts have the business you need to gain referrals. It is also important to determine if these patients can afford your services
For example, if you do not accept Medicaid Waiver, you shouldn’t visit Medicaid facilities.



2. Blanketing the Account

Blanketing the account is the art of becoming familiar with EVERYONE there and creating relationships with them. For instance, if you are meeting the Marketing Rep at the account, ask if you can be introduced to the Activities Director or Director of Nursing while you are there. This is an effective marketing strategy because taking the time to get to know everyone increases the probability of you getting a referral.


If you have properly qualified and blanketed this account and are still not getting referrals, I recommend you to put this account on the back burner and focus your time and attention to an account that has the potential to refer. 3-6 months down the line visit this account again and see if there is any turnover at the account. If there is, start to visit this account regularly to start developing relationships with the new people at this account.



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