In this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane,” we are continuing our discussion on networking events and proper etiquette for those referrals we are all after.  Our Home Care marketing tip is all about touring.  If you’ve ever been at an event, there is usually a moment when the host speaks to the group and asks if anyone wants a tour at the conclusion of the event.  Then when the event ends, I am shocked to see that only 2-3 people out of 30-50 actually stick around to take a tour.  Most people, network and then leave without even thinking to take a tour. 

Now, I know you may be thinking, “I’ve already gone on a tour of this place, how will it benefit me?”  The question you really SHOULD be asking is, “Am I currently getting referrals from this account?” I’m going out on a limb here and say, “No you’re not,” (I’m right, aren’t I?) and that’s the reason you need to tour.  Have you met everyone who works there yet? Do you know what to say to each person at that account and how to position yourself for referrals?  Did you schedule time to come back for 1-on-1 follow up?  All these things, and more, are things that need to happen during a tour.

Let’s take scheduling a time to come back for a 1-on-1, for example.  It’s hard to follow up with people and get them to commit to something.  This is where it’s essential that you take the time to schedule that 1-on-1 time while you’re there.  It’s simple.  After the tour, or near the end of the tour when you go by their office, ask for a time to come back.  Suggest pulling up their calendar if they say they are busy.  What are they going to say? “I don’t have my calendar.”  They can’t, you’re in their office. 

Now you’re going to need a reason to come back, of course, and have something to talk about.  One thing that’s really easy to talk about, is having them host an event and collaborate on it together.  They obviously do this often, hence why you’re there in the first place, and it’s something you should be doing periodically, so it just makes sense.  You are there for a networking meeting and don’t have all day to set this up now, so scheduling the 1-on-1 follow up to plan it out works for the both of you.  Now the host is interested in seeing you again, while you have an appointment for follow up. 

That’s making the most of your networking time.  You took the time to drive there and meet all these individuals.  Now take that extra 15-20 minutes to start working with the host site and grow your business.

I can spend countless hours talking about networking and getting referrals from events, but think about what I said here, and what was shown to you in the video above.  If you need help with what to say, how to say it, and what the next steps are, then I strongly suggest you sign up for Team Hurricane right now, as there will be a webinar exclusively for members in April on all things Networking events and getting those precious Home Care Referrals.  Get the tools necessary to dominate your market place and blow away the competition!!!