Hi folks.  This is the re-recording of the live presentation on 4/19 at 1pm ET.  Click the video to view the presentation

In this video, Steve the Hurricane discusses everything you need to know about adding video to your online marketing efforts.  He covers:

  • Content: It’s all about What you say, not how you say it.  Content is the most important part of this process.  You are an expert in your field, now’s time to show up and deliver good information, something of value to others.
  • Theme: Just like our show “A Drink with the Hurricane”, having a catchy and risky theme will likely lead to your video getting viewed again and again. Think about the videos that go viral, its because they are different and people say “You’ve got to see this”.  That’s where the theme comes into play.
  • Production: This is the number 1 reason why people DONT make videos and put them online.  Steve goes through exactly what’s needed cost, time, and knowledge wise.  This is key to success.
  • Building a Following: Here we discuss the use of Social Media, explain which ones are best for which type of businesses, and how to effectively build an audience to view your show.
  • Promote:  Finally, you have a show, you have a following, now spread the word about your video getting as many as possible to view it.  This leads to inquiries, clients, and ultimately Revenue!

As a member of Team Hurricane you are entitled to participate in these videos every month on the 3rd Friday at 1pm ET.  Don’t miss the next one for May as Steve will be talking about the “Ultimate Lunch N Learn”.  How to maximize results from those you mean to get referrals and business from.   To hear a taste of this subject click here.  This is a recording from a radio show Steve was a guest on 4/24 called “Conversations in Care”.