Home Care Marketing

I decided to go old school in today’s vlog and talk about something I touched upon during my very first episode of “A Drink with the Hurricane” – promotional items!

These are all the things that help our target audience or client base to remember us.  They include everyday objects that people want.  Promo items are extremely important, but we can’t forget the purpose behind them.

Investing in promotional items helps you to achieve these key goals:

  1. Giving your clients something they’ll actually use every day (which will help them remember you).
  2. Giving you a reason for a drop-by visit. This is the most important goal of promo items—which can give your accounts a reason to send you more referrals.  Simply stopping by with some gifts certainly cant’ hurt your chances of generating business leads.

It’s important to have solid products lined up to finish out this fourth quarter of 2015 with a bang.  Here are some promo items I’ve used, and ones that have been very well received.

  • Clip Boards – These are my all-time favorites because they’re practical.  More importantly, they spread brand awareness and help to convert referrals.  You want your logo on the back of that clipboard because when it’s in use, EVERYONE can see your logo — not just the person using it.  A simple, legal sized clipboard will do.  I personally like the transparent kind—and don’t forget to include your brand colors as well.
  • Stress Release Balls – Who DOESN’T need one of these every so often?  They’re very popular and people sometimes use them as desk ornaments.  Plus, when times get really stressful, they SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE and SQUEEZE.  Once they’re calm, they’ll immediately think of YOU.   Why do these work?  Because they’re outside the box; they’re different.
  • Seasonal Items – Depending on where you’re located in the country, giving referral sources something that can be useful during a certain season or time of year goes a long way.  For instance, I handed out ice scrappers every Fall; and the return on investment was tremendous since people used them every time it snowed, or their car frosted overnight.
  • Miscellaneous Items – Coffee cups, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. are all related to branding.  Even pens work well, since they’re low-cost items and; they’re always appreciated.  Plus, they’re MUST-HAVE items at the office.

These are just some practical yet important ways to generate leads and grow your home care business.

As always, here at HME we love hearing from you, so tell us about some of the promotional items you’ve used in the past.  What has worked for your company?  What hasn’t worked?  Tell us about your experiences in the comments below; and let’s discuss some ideas.

We want to finish 2015 on a high note – by blowing away the competition!