Home Care Marketing

In this action packed episode of A Drink With The Hurricane, Steve the Hurricane answers fan questions and discusses the best referral sources for business.

Melissa from Ohio “Ive been business for 2 years, I am doing ok but I cant seem to grow my census beyond 20 clients. I call upon every senior center, independent living center and physician in the area. Any advice is greatly appreciated.”

So thats the big question, where do I go for business?

Senior center and ILF are good referral sources, but the problem is that many of the potential clients are just trying out home care. The hours are limited and at poor hours for your staff.

The two places you want to develop are hospitals and SNIFs.

  • Hospitals are a great referral source because there is a high need for care. When they are discharged from the hospital there is very little time to find help.
  • SNIFs (Skilled Nursing Facility): It is broken down into 2 parts, one side is long term “nursing home” and the other side is rehabilitation.

Both of these referral sources can be very difficult to get into, but that is what we do. Don’t miss Hurricane Marketing Boot Camp and we will show you all the best techniques to get into these accounts and GET REFERRALS!!