Tip 11 out of 12: What can power partners do with each other?

Folks, if there is one thing I am known for, it is all about Power Partners. I have created this movement about interdisciplinary professionals working together, going after a common target, to develop relationships that raise both companies or all companies together. You ever hear the saying rising tides lift all boats? Well that is the concept of Power Partners at its very core.


Every Boot Camp, every conference, every presentation I’ve ever spoken at, they all request The Creation of Power Partners. The first thing that power partners can do, and why people like power partners so much is we can refer each other business.


Now if you think about who can be a Power Partner, it’s home health, hospice, private duty. Those are the primary three. All three are what I call the interdisciplinary team that makes up the three-legged stool of home-based providers because without one or the other, it doesn’t stand properly and it will fall over. You need to have all three working together. So clearly, referring to each other is essential to the power partnership.
But the relationship doesn’t stop with referring each other.


There’s also collaboration on events. Every single healthcare entity, or at least the successful ones, they do events on a regular, consistent basis. Now if you’re doing an event by yourself, an event could be $500, $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, depending on how big you wanna go with the event. That can be very expensive, plus, you have to do it all by yourself.


When you collaborate on an event, you’re bringing your power partners together, and you’re sharing in the responsibility of promoting it, paying for it, and making it a successful event and outcome for all parties involved. Collaborating on events is super important.



Besides the collaboration, there is also promoting each other’s events. Every single account that I go into, I need to have a reason to show up. Now granted, I am there to ask for referrals, no doubt, but I have to be able to get past the gatekeeper. I have to have a purpose for my visit. Nothing is easier than to say hey, I have an invitation to this event coming up in a few weeks. I would like to give it to the social worker, the discharge planner, the marketing rep, etc.


So when I have a power partner who has an event, and I may not be collaborating on it, I’m still gonna take a bunch of those invitations and give them out, because it gives me a reason to show up in other places, and I’m helping my power partner increase the attendance. I plan on going to the event anyway, and I’m gonna share in those contacts. So it’s a win for everybody by splitting the advertising costs.


When I go to the Alzheimer’s Association conference, that conference costs $1,000-$1,500 to be a vendor. Ask the people at the event: “Hey, if I’m a sponsor, can I share the costs with one of my power partners, and we share the table together?”


Nine times out of 10, they’re gonna say okay, sure, no problem, because they want their $1,000, their $1,500, to offset the costs of the event. So, if they don’t mind it, split the costs. If it’s $1,000, now it’s 500 for you and 500 for them, and you share in the connections and the contacts, together. That’s just one example of several, of sharing advertising costs.



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