For all the entrepreneurs out there! In this clip from The Hurricane Boot Camp in San Antonio, Steve discusses what it takes to be successful in this business.


You gotta understand that it’s not easy. You gotta understand that this is gonna take a lot of work. I forget who I was talking to last night. And when we were speaking I said that there is a certain number of people who become our clients, who after a certain period of time realize that this is not the business for them.


All right, and that’s actually a good thing. Like rather than somebody spending three, four years, five years time and then decide, “I don’t wanna do this business.” In three months of doing all this work, they’re like, “I don’t wanna do this business.” And then they just count their losses and then they move on. That happens for like 10% of the people that work with us because this is a lot of work.


What am I talking about here? I’m talking about growing your business by a half a million dollars, a million dollars. There are many of us in this room that haven’t even broken a million dollars in revenue in a single year yet. So just think about it. If I’ve never done a million dollars in revenue yet, and I’m talking about this is what you have to do to break a million dollars in 12 months, and you’re meeting people who are doing it, so it can be done but you gotta realize you gotta put in the work.


Rember what I talked yesterday that Jerry Rice quote, what was that? “Today I will do what others won’t, “so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” That means today, I’m gonna do what other people won’t do. But I’m gonna work, I’m gonna put in the effort, the sweat equity, so that tomorrow when you go to sell your business and retire, you’ll retire the way you want to. Does that make sense?


You know, you have this American dream, and I love the American dream. I love entrepreneurialship but it’s hard. Next to being a parent and staying married, right? Because I know people, “I’ve never been married “it’s hard to get married.” It’s easy to get married. But it’s hard to stay married.


May 1st, 10 years, me and my wife. That’s the blessing right there, all right, and raising our children. But next to my marriage and my children, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, Care Choice, were the biggest challenges in my life. And when we blow it up and we’re doing great! But there were nights, there were times, there were days, “Honey, there were days child.” When I was like, “Am I sure I wanna do this?”


This is a lot of work. But for those of you who are tough enough, those of you who have the stamina, who are going to endure it and follow the program ’cause that’s the key.


Remember don’t invent ordinary, when you can copy genius, it’s done for you. So you follow the program and do what the successful people in the room are doing, and you do this, you will be successful too. But the hard work, that’s what’s called due diligence. All right, you gotta put in your due diligence and you’re gonna get that benefit. And it can’t be 99% effort. It’s gotta be 100%. 99% effort gives you 10% results. 100% effort gives you 100% results.


So are you in? Are you ready?


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