Hey everyone! Many of you have asked if it’s important to have a Mission Statement for your business! The answer is YES! In tonight’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane,” I will discuss why it is important to have a mission statement instilled. A clear and accurate mission statement determines your company’s direction and provides you with a constant reminder of why your business exists.

Creating a mission statement should address two main functions of your business: who you are and what you plan on doing. Answering these questions in a simple and direct manner will aid in the development in a proper mission statement.

The mission statement should address:

  1. Your company’s mission
    • specify your organization’s purpose
    • guide everyday activities within your business
    • make sure it is clear and concise
  2. Your company’s vision
  • resembles the aspirations of your business
  1. Your company’s values
  • this support your vision statement.
  • Your values should resemble the principles and ideas of your organization.

Regardless of how crazy my schedule can be, I set aside time every day at 10:30 to have a short meeting with my staff. At this meeting, we take turns reciting our mission statement and highlighting a specific core value. The core value is discussed in further detail on how it’s applicable to today’s circumstances within our business.  This not only reminds our employees on what we stand for, but myself as well. This allows us to go into the day with a clear vision to pave the way for further success.

By instilling a mission statement within your company, you are holding you and your team accountable for their actions. Starting the morning off with your mission statement enables your employees to remember the purpose of your organization and what your ultimate goal is. 

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