Hello my friends at Steve “The Hurricane” here with this week’s episode of A  Drink With “The Hurricane” answering the common questions on when should you hire a marketing rep? So this is a question that I get asked all the time. In over eight years in business, I have been asked about hiring a marketing representative thousands of times over the years. And the answer that I give is always the same.

You don’t wanna hire a marketing rep until you can afford to hire a marketing rep. And why do I say this? I say this because marketing representatives are one of the higher paid positions in healthcare. If you want to get a good marketing rep, it’s gonna cost you a pretty penny. And so I don’t want you to hire a marketing representative if you don’t have revenue coming into your organization, to be honest, I’d rather you grow your business until you have a lot of revenue coming in and then you can afford to have that person hire the luxury of having a marketing representative who can represent you and your business and help you to grow it further.

Now I recommend to all of my clients that we work with, that the owner does the marketing initially until that business reaches the seven figure mark. Meaning the businesses generating more than a million dollars in revenue. Once the business is reaching seven figures that will allow you to have a scheduler, a recruiter, you yourself as the operator and then you can have a full time marketing representative that you can afford to. You wanna keep your margins pretty healthy, having one full time office staff employee for every 250 to $300,000 in revenue that the organization is generating. So that’s why I like for the business to be over a million dollars because recruiting and scheduling is a higher priority than marketing, when you, yourself as the owner can do the marketing yourself until you get the business up and running and then you go out and do it.

The only reason why I like the business owners doing the marketing initially is so that when it comes to hiring this person, you know exactly what you’re looking for. You know the referral sources, you know the connections in contexts that you could hand off to this person. If they’re gonna continue to work with week in and week out and therefore make it a lot easier for them to be successful, get your business to continue to grow and continue to thrive.

Now I’m gonna show you something right here on the screen. So if you see on the screen right now, you see this is a readmission rate, but I really, this is what I wanna show you. So this is the average revenue as to when someone brings on a marketing representative. And I’m actually glad to see this. This is from the latest 2020 Home Care Pulse Report. I’m actually doing a webinar with them in two weeks, you should really register for it because we’re gonna go over how to tie together, the three components of your business. Sales and marketing, operations and caregiver recruitment and retention. So it’s gonna be a phenomenal webinar, you cannot miss it, make sure that you register. You can click on the link below to register for that webinar, It’s going to be incredible.


But if you see out of the thousand plus locations, that Home Care Pulse surveyed last year, their numbers are very consistent with what I just shared with you. People who are doing less than a million dollars did not employ a marketing representative. And that makes sense. When you think about the skill set it takes to be a marketing representative. It’s somebody who’s motivated somebody who’s probably energetic. Somebody who’s a people person or a caring individual, and somebody who takes calculated risks. Well, all four of those traits and qualities I just said also happened to be the same traits and qualities of a business owner. Which is why I love it when the owners who come and contract us for services, do the marketing themselves until they get the business to this point.

Now it’s interesting that the people surveyed on average, who had a part time marketer did right smack in the middle of the pack in revenue, just over one and a half to $2 million in revenue. But then look at the people surveyed who have a full time marketing representative. Their revenue is almost two times the lower number, and I’m gonna get this just looking at this real quick. I’m gonna say this is about 30 to 40% or 30, 35% more revenue with a full time person. And so this kind of answers the next question that you’re probably thinking.

Do I hire a part time person or do I hire a full time person? In my experience, alright and I’ve only been doing this for eight years now, and I’ve helped literally like a thousand companies in the United States and in six countries outside the United States. So take that for what it’s worth. But in my experience, I can tell you that part time marketing representatives typically do not work out anywhere near as well as a full time marketing representative. And so the way I see it from my perspective, and some people watching this right now, you might be a part time marketing rep and I’m not, it’s not you specifically, I’m just speaking in general about the thousand plus companies I’ve worked with over the last eight years. Part-timers don’t work out as well as a full timer. So if you’re the owner watching this and you’re thinking to yourself, “I need to hire a marketing rep. “My business is doing one point $4 million in revenue. “I know that I can afford a marketer. “Should I go part time or full time?” Go all in. Get the full time person.

Marketing is a full time effort. There’s gonna be networking events, there’s gonna be community events, there’s gonna be meeting with prospective clients and yeah I know right now I’m filming this during the COVID-19 pandemic. But all of my clients that I’m currently coaching and working with, they all have marketing representatives and their out there still marketing there are still things to do. We’re coaching them on how to market during a lockdown and they’re having tremendous successes. So it’s not a matter of can I market or can I not? It’s you have to market. You have to have somebody out there and there’s stuff that takes place all hours of the business day, five days a week. And so that’s why you want to have a full time person.

So if you’re gonna pull the trigger in hire a marketing rep, Don’t go part time, go full time. Continue to grow the business yourself until you can get to a point where you can afford to hire the full time marketing rep, and then you’ll get your return on investment. And if you need help training them, give us a call. If you’re not sure how much to pay them, give us a call because there’s a certain revenue range that marketing reps need to fall in, so you don’t lose them. I’ve seen it happen where people hire a marketing rep, they underpaid them the person lasts for six months, maybe a year and then they end up leaving and they go somewhere else because the other company is offering them a lot more money. So you want to make sure your price at the right point for the person you’re trying to bring in. And these are all things that we can help you with.

So first and foremost, make sure you’re registered for the webinar. It is July 23rd, and we’re gonna make sure it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be incredible. I’m gonna be interviewing people from Home Care Pulse. Talk about best practices, how to get your business going right now and bring the operation sales and marketing and the caregiver recruitment and retention components all together and best manage it. You can’t afford to miss that webinar. And then if you need help, you wanna hire a marketer or you want to grow your business. Pick up the phone, give us a call and ask for a free coaching session with one of our coaches and we’ll help you get to where you wanna go. So there’s the tip for the week. Have a great one my friends and remember, don’t just beat your competition, blow them away.