Hello, everybody!  Welcome to another exciting episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane!  The past few weeks have been so busy here.  I hope you are all having a strong and prosperous second quarter as well.  Last week, I shared that one of our most frequently asked questions we get here…which is “How can I get referrals from hospitals?” 

That is not a question that can be fully answered in a 3 minute video.  We started off by tackling the first step, which is developing a marketing plan.  Today, we are going to cover WHO your first contact at a hospital should be when you are marketing your Home Care business.  Again, I am going to turn this lesson over to our hospital expert, Ana “The Storm” Conlin.  She is the owner of Conlin Creative Resources, and our head coach here at HME.  When it comes to getting into hospitals, she knows her stuff. 

Who is the first person you should seek out when marketing to a hospital?

The Director of Case Management – This is the person responsible for the overall functions of the department, including discharge planning and treatment plan management.  If anyone is going to recommend Home Care to the patient and his/her family, this is the person who makes it happen.  You want this person to endorse your company. 

But how do you get referrals? – The Geriatric Case Manager or the Geriatric Case Social Worker is the target.  This is the person who will ultimately refer your company, so you must seek these people out and cultivate and solidify a relationship with them.  The best way to approach it with them is that your company can offer a combined solution to their patients. 

You must find your connection on the inside! – Go back to the puzzle analogy from last week.  The hospital is the center of the puzzle, and every facility in the territory is the edges.  You are already working with these facilities and they all have hospital liaisons.  Ask to meet them, if you don’t know them already, and accompany them when they visit the hospital.  Build the relationship as a Power Partnership and then there is no reason to go in alone.  It makes them look good to present the combined solution, and it helps you get in the door!

Ana got her nickname, “Storm” because she is known to take hospitals by storm and jump start referrals.  She will be leading an exclusive webinar on May 14th for all Home Care Revenue Builders (formerly Team Hurricane) members.  She did a hospital marketing webinar for us back in November, which is in the member archive, and this will be a continuation of that material.  If you are not a member, join today and sign up for this webinar.  Ana and I will be there live to answer your questions and help you to “Blow Away the Competition!”

Hurricane out!