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If you own a business in today’s day and age, regardless of what that business is or does, there is the ever important question of “which social media networks do I need to be on, and how do I use them to benefit my business?” We know the social media space is always changing and you have to be proactive and stay on top of things to determine where the best focus should be.  It is certain that you must have a social media presence and be engaging people online. Facebook has been at the center of this focus for a while now, and it is necessary for Home Healthcare companies to spend marketing efforts on this social media platform.  For today’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” I turn it back to my good pal, Valerie VanBooven of LTC Expert Publications, to share with us her expert advice on this most popular of all social media networks!

Just as Val mentioned in the video above, Facebook has been growing and evolving to include a wider and older audience. This means more of our potential clients are sharing, liking, and poking around. A few years ago, Facebook would not necessarily have been a good use of time for growing your social media presence, but with the changing technology and the younger generation pushing the older generation to keep up, Facebook is now a GREAT place to be when it comes to your online marketing efforts. Facebook has done a fantastic job of allowing users to create groups, communities, and business pages…and customize them to reflect a user’s brand and message. Essentially there is a space for everyone on Facebook, which allows us to tap into and cultivate relationships. There are many ways to engage and be active on Facebook, which Val will be sharing with everyone on the next Home Care Revenue Builders webinar. If you aren’t a member yet, I suggest you sign-up and be on this webinar to learn from one of the best in the industry on online marketing.  I also suggest creating a Facebook business page for your company if you haven’t done so already. Another helpful aspect of Facebook is the advertising. It offers similar targeting structure to Google Adwords and is typically cheaper and more effective. 

With integrating your online marketing and direct referral marketing efforts, you can align yourself to become the go-to Home Care agency of choice in your area. A lot of effort and hard work is needed on both fronts, but it is worth the reward of getting referrals, growing your business, and “Blowing Away the Competition!” 

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