Homecare Referrals

Happy New Year, folks!  Exciting times are on the horizon in 2016, and we’re gearing up for the Hurricane Marketing Boot Camp 2.0 in Phoenix next month.  February’s event includes a 90-minute video training session on how to think like a Social Worker.

I recently sat down with two Social Worker friends of mine for a tell-all interview.  They broke down the in’s and out’s of the referral process—exactly what Social Workers think, how they wish to be approached and even their pet peeves.

They shared some fantastic pointers with me that I’ll be sharing with all of you in great detail during next month’s boot camp.  You won’t want to miss this in-depth training session!

In today’s brief episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” we examine three key reasons why Social Workers refer their patients to certain vendors:

1) Social Workers refer to professionals they trust:  It all boils down to trust.  The simple, age-old saying is true.  Social Workers refer to whom they know, like and trust.  Even though many social workers are part of larger systems that have their own internal Home Care divisions, they will always refer patients to vendors they trust most.  It makes sense, and it’s why marketing professionals can’t expect to land a referral after only one or two meetings.

2) Social Workers refer to those who will get the job done right:  Another one that’s pretty simple to understand.  This particular reason is an extension of the trust factor.  Many social workers recognize their own system’s Home Care limitations.  So it’s important to always be on your game in these situations.  You want to ensure your referral sources that your company will take good care of their patients, and make-up for any shortcomings.

3) Social Workers refer to agencies that properly handle the case from its beginning stages:  If you can make a Social Worker’s job easier just by having all your ducks in a row and ensuring a safe discharge—you’ll get referrals consistently.  They need to know that their patients will be in good hands, so give them a reason to sincerely believe that.  Be the professional that you are – cross your “T’s” and dot your “I’s,” both literally and figuratively.  Your efficiency will speak volumes.

All of these tips are just a small taste of what you’ll see in HME’s 2.0 Boot Camp in February.  You won’t find these helpful business tips anywhere else.

I promised my Social Workers friends that I would only share their detailed insider tips with our live boot camp attendees next month.

You can’t afford to miss this insightful event!  Space is limited. 

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