We all know about the dozens of Network Marketing Groups that meet weekly, monthly, quarterly, and so on.  So many people go to these events hoping to grow their business, but fail to connect the dots and never see the referrals they are hoping for. They become more like social clubs and after a while, people get frustrated and drop out.

Never give up or drop out!  Just change your approach and realize what the Network Marketing Group is for.  It’s a venue to meet new people and create a contact.  That’s it!  No one will ever go to a Networking event and walk away w/ 10 referrals (I know someone is going to prove me wrong here 😉 That being said, everyone can walk away with 10 new contacts.  Here’s how:

  • The Meeting is Business – Remember why you are there.  You are looking to market your business and make new contacts.  Make sure you meet at least 5 new people at each event to make it worth your time
  • Listen, Listen, Listen – The sweetest sound to a person’s ears is the sound of their own voice.  Instead of rushing to get everything you do out of your mouth in 30 seconds, ask questions about them.  Get to know who they are and what they do.  See if this is a contact worth partnering up with.  If you listen to them first, they will then ask about you, then simply SPEAK.
  • Set up a Follow up meeting – You need 1 on 1 time, and setting up a follow up meeting over Coffee or a meal is a great way to do this.  I give everyone a homework assignment after every meeting of my Senior Connections Meetings.  “Your assignment is to meet 5 people you met here today 1 on 1 before the next meeting”.  This is where you will know if this is someone you want/should/need to partner up with and expand your market
  • Collaborate – Split cost on an event, hit the road marketing together, introduce your contact to your connections and let them do the same for you.  You’re on your way to creating a POWER PARTNER (PP)
  • Be Selective – This can be tough when there are 4 or 5 awesome people that do the same thing, but to be true to your connection, you must pick right person for you.  Someone you jive well with and can see your self working together with.  Once you have your partner for X,Y,Z stick with them to the end.

I’ve done this for years now, creating more connections than I ever thought possible.  My best example is Ana.  When I first started in Home Care Marketing, I created a PP with Ana, who was Hospice Rep, and we would go co-marketing once a week.  She introduced me to her contacts and I introduced her to mine.  In what seemed like no time at all (say 3 weeks) we became the King and Queen of our territory and EVERYONE was referring US business.  If I was alone the accounts would ask about Ana and vise a versa.  If someone needed me and Ana was there alone, she would introduce herself on my behalf, get their info, and assure them I would be in touch soon; securing the lead.  We did this for years.  To this day (now almost 8 years later) we still laugh about the good ol’ days, co-market, and represent one another.  I have her back, and she has mine.  That’s a true POWER PARTNER.  All because we connected at a networking event, in 2005.

This boot camp topic,  is fun, easy, and effective.  Create connections with the right people for you.  Once you do this, your market will expand, and so will your influence.  This will lead you to the promised-land where you can rule your Marketing Empire.

Happy Hunting Folks 😉