We are Marketers and Business owners.  We are warriors of the road.  We are positive and motivated individuals.  Nothing can stop us.  Invincible, we are always pushing forward in our never-ending quest for more referrals, business, revenue.  We never have a bad day right?


We are human!  Of course we have bad days.  I have had days that were so bad, I thought about throwing in the towel.  I swear this is what wine was invented for.  That’s great at the end of the day.  But what do you do when its 1130AM and the end of the day is HOURS from now?
This very question I have asked my networking group annually at team building discussions and we have come up with some great ideas that I will share with you now:

  • Blast Your Favorite Song – We all have a power song (and if you don’t you need to find one).  Well when I’m having a bad day, I’ll blast one of my power songs or a series of songs that just pump me up to take on the world, and get my mind in check.
  • Take 5 (or 25) – Go to DD, grab a cup of coffee or a soda and just take a chill.
  • Call Someone – You can make a personal call to a loved one or significant other.  Vent it off to them. If they can’t talk at work, vent UP! Meaning, call your manager, boss, supervisor give them a disclaimer “I just need to vent” and fire away.  Any GOOD manager understands frustrations and they want to hear you vent from time to time.  It’s healthy and they can relate.  Who knows they may be able to help you get back on track by saying the right thing.
  • Go Somewhere That Loves You – This is the best answer I’ve ever heard.  Marketing can get so frustrating, so when you’re down on your luck, go to a sales account that LOVES YOU!  They will let you vent, tell you how much they value you, and maybe even have a referral for you.  This will build you back up and you can get through the rest of your day.

These tips have helped me and countless others who learned and shared at our meetings over the years.  So use them if you find yourself in a jam with hours left in the day.
Share some things you’ve done over the years that have helped you.

God bless and have fun out there folks…