Hi, I am coach Leah with Home Care Evolution, and today on Coach’s Corner I’m gonna talk to you about three simple and effective ways that you can inspire your team on a daily basis. Now, a lot of leaders believe that you have to be somebody else, do other things, you know, really put in all this effort when really you don’t have to make it into this whole, you know, strategic proposal on, okay, I’m gonna inspire my team on this day, and then on on Monday we’re gonna do this, and on Tuesday we’re gonna do that. Just think of it as being a parent. I know that a lot of you here are parents, and for those of you who are not, imagine your own parent. Okay? So here are the top three tips that I have to help you inspire your team on a daily basis.

Number one, walk the walk. Number two, set boundaries. And number three, self-care and self-care is something that Steve talks about in the five wellness when he presents at a bootcamp or at the Elite Academy meeting. I won’t get into the five wellness, but I’ll talk a little bit about self-care today. So let’s start with walk the walk As a parent, if you are someone, if you tell your children, you know, eat green vegetables, and every day you’re eating pizza and you know, Pop-Tarts, then why should they eat green vegetables? So the same thing goes with your team, not necessarily in the food realm, but really all about how do you come into the office? Do you walk in extremely stressed out? Are you coming in like, like you’re, you were in a rush. You are fumbling with all your papers. Is your office a complete and total disaster? When you talk to people, are you listening? Are you organized? Do you know what’s going on with your entire team or with your leadership team? So when you walk the walk, other people learn through, through you, through osmosis, and that’s how they can feel inspired to have you as their leader. If you’re somebody that’s constantly stressed, can you imagine how stressed out your team will be? You know, everything is energy. And when you are, when you come in completely stressed like that, then how do you think that your team will react to it as well? So make sure that you are setting a good example for your team.

The second thing I’d like to talk about today are setting boundaries. And this doesn’t mean, Hey, let me put up a wall everywhere. You cannot talk to me from this time to that time. I am going to tell everyone in the team meeting that I am not available for the next five days. This isn’t what I mean by setting boundaries. It’s really about setting healthy boundaries. It’s about being present for your team when they need you, and also about being present for yourself when you need to be there for yourself, being present to answer emails, be on phone calls. You know, have team meetings or meetings with your, your, the people that you directly supervise. And so what I mean by setting clear boundaries is what you could do is during a team meeting, you could share your calendar with the rest of your team. Something along the lines of I this week I wanted to you to have a look at what my meetings are. You don’t have to tell ’em exactly every single topic in the meetings that you’re doing, but you could say, okay, so on Mondays these are, this is how I organize my schedule on Tuesdays. This is how I organize my schedule, so on and so forth. That way your team will know when your office hours are, when they can come in and bug you pretty much. And, you know, ask all kinds of questions. Setting healthy boundaries is important because if you do not, and I repeat, if you do not, your work will remain inefficient. You’ll be running around like a chicken with your head caught up trying your very best to play email catch up, figure out what your team is up to, listen to calls coming in, you know, and query calls. It’s just like, like you, you won’t feel completely grounded. And again, your actions speak volumes. And so when you’re organized, you walk the walk as we discussed in tip number.

The last tip is self-care. And Steve talks about this in the five wellness he presents at Bootcamp and Elite Academy meetings. Now, the five wellness really encompass your body, mind, soul, spirit and relationships, also your career. Okay? So it’s really, really important for you to set aside time in your schedule to maintain your self-care. And that’s different for everybody. It doesn’t necessarily mean, you know, for, for me, oh well it’s going to the gym every single day, but that not, that might not be the same thing for another person, right? For another person’s self-care might mean, well, I like to take a walk on the beach and pick up shark teeth. Who knows? What is your best way to care for yourself, and why is this important? Well, life can’t always be about your work and about your agency. You need to find a way to ground yourself in the moment. You need to come back to source, come back to who you are as a person so that you can recharge and reenergize for the next day, the next week, the next month, the next year. I’d like to give you some homework today and for you to think about what are some of the some care routines that I can implement on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, and on a monthly basis. What are the things that are my self care bucket list, right? So make sure that you write these things down. They could be little, they could be big, they could be expensive, they could be inexpensive. And make sure that you set them in your schedule because like self-care or like any routine self-care requires being set in your schedule. I hope that these three tips have helped you tremendously inspire your team, help you be an inspiring leader. I hope they’ve been simple enough for you and for you to do the homework. If you have any questions at all, you can always reach out to the office at Home Care Evolution, and I am excited to see how you can inspire your team for the rest of the year.