In Marketing, or life in general, you ever run into someone that ALWAYS seems to have things go there way?  The person who always wins contests and prizes, they always close the biggest deals, and it seems as if they have magical powers?

Well the secret to their success is a mind-set known as Positive Expectancy.

Long ago when I was working at Cutco marketing and selling knives, I heard a Division Manager speak on this topic.  He spoke about how if you walk into a presentation with positive expectancy, you will walk out with a sale.  So I decided then to implement this thought process into my life, and success is all have ever known.  I don’t even know how to fail.

Here are some tips on how to master Positive Expectancy for your marketing efforts:

Expect to Succeed

Whatever it is that you need to be positive for, half the battle is mental. If you think you will fail, YOU WILL FAIL!!! So go in EXPECTING to WIN and you will.

Never Prejudge

I don’t care what the person looks like or acts like, DO NOT PREJUDGE THEM!!! You can cost yourself a sale by doing so.  In marketing, you have treat every person as if they are going to buy your product/services.

Luck Favors the Prepared

If you go marketing with papers everywhere, all disheveled, luck will not be on your side. Instead go in prepared as if you are going for the sale of your life, and if something goes wrong, you’re ready for it, handle it, and get through fine. You’ll get those “Lucky Bounces”

Mind Your Company

Birds of a feather flock together. To stay positive, surround yourself with others who are positive. My mother always said “You’ll never soar with Eagles, if you’re hanging with Turkeys”. Momma knows best.  Find great marketing minds, and fly together!

Think BIG!

Specially in marketing, the Bigger you think, the higher your success will be.  This basically means, don’t place limits on yourself or your goals.  This way, if you should fall just short of your goal, you’ll still have more success than you ever thought possible.  If you aim for the sky, you’ll never get off the ground.  On the flip side, if you shoot for the stars; you’ll end up out of this world!

Smile and Nod

People can feel your positive energy and when you ask someone to go with you, do so by smiling and nodding your head “Yes”. People mirror one another, so they will instinctually smile and nod back and say “Yes, I’d like to go with you”. This is a great way to “Assume the Sale” and something everyone in marketing must follow.

The most recent example of this I experienced was Tuesday night.  I was with my family at a community event at our local Target store.  They had a raffle for a bunch of prizes to raise money for volunteer fire fighters. So I bought 20 tickets.  I walked through all the items with my wife and we liked a few items, but I said to her, “We will have a better chance of winning something if we put all of our tickets in one item instead of spreading it around”.  She agreed.  So we decided on the gazebo cause ours is out dated.  I told the woman there, I am putting all these tickets in this basket, you’re going to pick my ticket out right?”.  She smiled and said “Sure, whatever you say sir.” With a look of “yea right!”.  I told her “I’m Steve the Hurricane.  Remember my name, cause I’m telling you I’m going to win”  Well low n behold, the very next day, she was calling me congratulating me on winning the gazebo.

Did I do anything special?  I guess, we played the odds (Luck Favors the Prepared), but I put those tickets in knowing I was going to win.  It’s almost as if I willed it to happen and through some higher power, that prize was mine.  That higher power is POSITIVE EXPECTANCY!!!

So believe it, envision it, and make it a reality.  Start thinking positively when marketing and make things go your way today!