One of the most important things we have to do as Home Care Business owners or Marketing Reps is creating Brand Recognition.  If you think about companies like Q-Tip or FedEx, they have done an amazing job at this, so much so that people mistake their product name as the actual item they are looking for. (A “Q-Tip” is really a Cotton Swap, “I’ll FedEx it to you” instead of saying “I’ll ship it to you” )  This happens to be something I am very good at (Steve “The Hurricane” is hard to forget and makes it easy for people to find me) so I figured I would take a moment to go through some ideas that I have done or recommended in the past/present.

I’m a big believer of making it easy for clients and referral sources to find you.  Having an easy to remember name, address, or telephone number can go a long way.  There is a gentleman who networks in my area and his phone number is “1-800 Seymour”.  He offers care coordination services for the elderly here.  At every meeting I attend, he stands up and says “If you have a question about anything, just call 1-800-Seymour”. People don’t even know what he does, but everyone knows him and his number.  When they have a question about anything elder care related, they call him and this generates an abundance of leads, giving him a great from home built business.

With this in mind, I have come across a company that offers unique numbers for companies in Home Care, Hospice, or Private Duty Markets.  This company “1-800-Home-Care” allows a company to have access regionally to this number.  When you go to networking events, create collaterals, or attend industry functions; announcing “If you have someone that needs Home Care, give us a call and we can help you, 1-800 Home Care” it will forever stick in someone’s mind.  What a great way to truly Blow Away Your Competition!!! (I can picture competitors cringing every time you say it.)

This works so well in fact that we have done this ourselves.  Being that we are the Experts in Home Care/Hospice Sales and Marketing, give us a call if you ever have a question 877-The Expert.  It really is that simple and our phones have never been so busy.

If you have questions about this and would like to find out how you can land 1-800 Home Care for your area, touch base with us and we will gladly assist you.  Call us NOW! “1-877-The Expert”

Have a great day folks.