This was one of the last events in 2011 for the Society on Aging of New Jersey.

We spoke to nearly 100 seniors at the South Brunswick, NJ Senior Center. Topic – The Ever Changing Health Care System!

4 Professionals spoke about services available for seniors and costs involved. The idea behind these events (We ran over 80 events 2010-2011) was to educate the aging population on things prior to an accident. A little knowledge goes a long way for our seniors when faced w/ a crisis. (like heart attack, stroke, blood clot, etc)

“All too often people find them selves in the hospital, having to make a major decision about their future in CRISIS mode. By having a game plan in place, it takes the emotion out of the decision making process. This has been our mission, and Mission Accomplished after having spoken to near 8000 NJ Seniors” – Steve Weiss 2010/11 President of SANJ.